USA Today Crossword May 16 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword May 16 2023 Answers:

What are you ___ these days? 4 letters UPTO
lol 4 letters HAHA
Samba or salsa 5 letters DANCE
Gas in bright signs 4 letters NEON
Accepting customers 4 letters OPEN
Beetlejuice actress Catherine 5 letters OHARA
Egyptian Christian 4 letters COPT
Impossible burgers are made without it 4 letters MEAT
Enthusiastic 5 letters EAGER
Take a stand against 6 letters OPPOSE
Something that might be grabbed during a slam dunk 3 letters RIM
Pale 3 letters WAN
Count me out 7 letters ILLPASS
Count me in 6 letters IMGAME
Boxer and actor Canada ___ 3 letters LEE
It ain’t over ___ it’s over 3 letters TIL
Applied like finger paint 7 letters SMEARED
Pretend-quiet delivery 12 letters STAGEWHISPER
Co-star of Walking and Talking and Wag the Dog 9 letters ANNEHECHE
___-O 4 letters JELL
Place to dock a boat 4 letters PIER
Canada’s currency code 3 letters CAD
Specialty of Homer 10 letters EPICPOETRY
Someone who inspires an artist 4 letters MUSE
University near Boston 3 letters MIT
Why not? 4 letters SURE
Lightweight wood used for model airplanes 5 letters BALSA
Oh really? 8 letters ISTHATSO
Pursued prey 6 letters HUNTED
Shoe bottom 4 letters SOLE
Haitian revolutionary Toussaint 10 letters LOUVERTURE
Product of brainstorming 4 letters IDEA
Function following a formal 10 letters AFTERPARTY
Knowledgeable sort 4 letters NERD
Squanders 6 letters WASTES
Suffix for Japan or Taiwan 3 letters ESE
Straighten out like a hose 6 letters UNCOIL
Folks 6 letters PEOPLE
Brings tumbling down 7 letters TOPPLES
Come out ___ (win in the end) 5 letters ONTOP
Something a deaf child might come up with 8 letters HOMESIGN
Gorilla for example 3 letters APE
Find out by word of mouth 4 letters HEAR
Prefix for climactic 4 letters ANTI
Female deer 3 letters DOE
Now I see! 3 letters AHA
Programs that constantly prompt the user to pay 7 letters NAGWARE
Nondairy coffee additive 7 letters CREAMER
Deserved 6 letters EARNED
The Devil 5 letters SATAN
Act of imitation 7 letters MIMICRY
Couch that can become a bed 11 letters SLEEPERSOFA
Breathable fabric 4 letters MESH
Stare in amazement 4 letters GAPE
Transparent 5 letters SHEER
Softest mineral 4 letters TALC
Blizzards that reduce visibility 9 letters WHITEOUTS
Author of the Broken Earth trilogy 7 letters JEMISIN
Podcast installment 7 letters EPISODE
Smaller 7 letters LITTLER
___ vulture 7 letters CULTURE
Confidently claims 7 letters ASSERTS
Nickname for someone with great aim 7 letters DEADEYE
Don’t text and drive ad for example 3 letters PSA
Introduce a ban on 6 letters OUTLAW
___ ray (large fish) 5 letters MANTA
Belches 5 letters BURPS
Ball of lettuce 4 letters HEAD
Roll call response 4 letters HERE
Doc for a croc 3 letters VET

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