USA Today Crossword May 15 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword May 15 2023 Answers:

Parts of sneakers 5 letters LACES
Roller rink shape 4 letters OVAL
They/___ 4 letters THEM
Very angry 5 letters IRATE
Romance writer Roberts 4 letters NORA
Glowing review 4 letters RAVE
Shared by millions online 5 letters VIRAL
Queer Indigenous identity 9 letters TWOSPIRIT
Play it by ___ 3 letters EAR
Greek god of love 4 letters EROS
Bring down in a rugby match 6 letters TACKLE
That hurt! 4 letters OUCH
Pool stick 3 letters CUE
Road trip breaks 8 letters PITSTOPS
Pet welfare org. 5 letters ASPCA
Wolves of the sea 5 letters ORCAS
Fruit with SweeTango and Pink Lady varieties 5 letters APPLE
Sleeve tattoo’s location 3 letters ARM
Genre related to calypso 3 letters SKA
Appliance for barbecuing 5 letters GRILL
Please stop sharing 3 letters TMI
Yikes! 3 letters EEK
Ms. Mx. or Mr. 5 letters TITLE
Wide necktie 5 letters ASCOT
Tea type 5 letters DECAF
Barista’s designs 8 letters LATTEART
Illuminated 3 letters LIT
Close to 4 letters NEAR
H.S. class covering integrals 6 letters APCALC
Self-referential 4 letters META
Chest bone 3 letters RIB
Absolutely amazes 9 letters BLOWSAWAY
Forgo 5 letters WAIVE
Shape of some chew toys 4 letters BONE
Pink wine 4 letters ROSE
In the lead 5 letters AHEAD
Absolutely amazed 4 letters AWED
Polka ___ 4 letters DOTS
Knitter’s materials 5 letters YARNS
Beyonce’s Homecoming: The ___ Album 4 letters LIVE
Opera solo 4 letters ARIA
Dessert with cream cheese frosting 10 letters CARROTCAKE
LAX posting 3 letters ETA
Chooses 7 letters SELECTS
I’m ___ you! (You’re not fooling me!) 4 letters ONTO
Pledges 4 letters VOWS
Like many people in queerplatonic relationships for short 3 letters ARO
If you want one let me know now! 8 letters LASTCALL
___ extensions (workout) 6 letters TRICEP
Old-style Listen up! 4 letters HARK
Villainous 4 letters EVIL
___ out (allocate) 4 letters METE
Short break 5 letters PAUSE
Greek letter after pi 3 letters RHO
Country with the most Olympic medals in softball 3 letters USA
FX drama about ballroom culture 4 letters POSE
Really bothered 5 letters IRKED
Theater role 4 letters PART
Accident prevented by a sippy cup 5 letters SPILL
Calico’s crate 10 letters CATCARRIER
Protective gear 5 letters ARMOR
Urgent request 4 letters PLEA
Catcher’s glove 4 letters MITT
Rectangular present 8 letters GIFTCARD
Coin toss call 5 letters TAILS
Eroded over time 7 letters ATEAWAY
Malaysia’s region (Abbr.) 3 letters SEA
Scratched with talons 6 letters CLAWED
Yellow explosive 3 letters TNT
Mamma Mia group 4 letters ABBA
Snow-clearing vehicle 4 letters PLOW
Ice cream holder 4 letters CONE
Pole on a ship 4 letters MAST
Their ___ Were Watching God 4 letters EYES
Creed II antagonist ___ Drago 4 letters IVAN
Plots in flower gardens 4 letters BEDS
Yippee! 3 letters WOO
I finally understand! 3 letters AHA

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