USA Today Crossword May 14 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword May 14 2023 Answers:

Cuban dance performed in West Side Story 5 letters MAMBO
Improvise like Bobby McFerrin 4 letters SCAT
Hit with a laser 3 letters ZAP
What each numbered button in an elevator represents 5 letters FLOOR
Landscaper’s bagful 5 letters MULCH
Reddit Q&A 3 letters AMA
With no one else 5 letters ALONE
Pleasant smell 5 letters AROMA
Hot chocolate cup 3 letters MUG
Taro or sweet potato 13 letters ROOTVEGETABLE
Feathery accessories 4 letters BOAS
Less rainy 5 letters DRIER
Not exceeding 6 letters ATMOST
___ favor 3 letters POR
Some humane society rescues 4 letters CATS
I’ve figured it out! 3 letters AHA
Email-sending sound effect 6 letters WHOOSH
Storm-tracking technology 5 letters RADAR
Cuban dish with shredded beef 9 letters ROPAVIEJA
Polish dumpling 7 letters PIEROGI
The feeling’s ___ 6 letters MUTUAL
Lhasa residents 8 letters TIBETANS
Piece of My Heart singer Franklin 4 letters ERMA
Degree with a dissertation 3 letters PHD
Flat-topped mountain 4 letters MESA
Taxis 4 letters CABS
Mined rock 3 letters ORE
Oh really? 8 letters ISTHATSO
Kitchen staple used in some pickling 11 letters RICEVINEGAR
Roth ___ 3 letters IRA
Entertained 6 letters AMUSED
Farmers market structure 4 letters TENT
Defibrillator letters 3 letters AED
Foamy coffee orders 6 letters LATTES
Lays down new grass 4 letters SODS
Prefix meaning new 3 letters NEO
Drama school degree 3 letters MFA
Every last one 3 letters ALL
Tie to a dock 4 letters MOOR
Endangered great ape 6 letters BONOBO
Cookie-flavored cereal 6 letters OREOOS
You got it 4 letters SURE
Jam up 4 letters CLOG
Peak 4 letters ACME
___ be really helpful 5 letters THATD
Lusaka’s country 6 letters ZAMBIA
Charm with protective powers 6 letters AMULET
Beepers 6 letters PAGERS
Dallas NBA team 4 letters MAVS
Piece of body art for short 3 letters TAT
Building designer 9 letters ARCHITECT
50-and-over org. that actually has no minimum age to join 4 letters AARP
Like locals near Khao Yai National Park 4 letters THAI
Wasn’t eliminated 10 letters MADETHECUT
Vietnamese noodle soup 3 letters PHO
Alley-___ 3 letters OOP
Wanders 5 letters ROAMS
Last-minute addition to a ballot 7 letters WRITEIN
Law & Order: ___ 3 letters SVU
Like deserts 4 letters ARID
Steal from 3 letters ROB
Portmanteau word for someone from Earth’s largest landmass 8 letters EURASIAN
Boisterous party 8 letters JAMBOREE
Sad to say . . . 4 letters ALAS
Precious stone 3 letters GEM
Valuable things 6 letters ASSETS
Nature lover’s magazine informally 6 letters NATGEO
___ ballerina 5 letters PRIMA
Mouth-related 4 letters ORAL
Round of applause 4 letters HAND
What the A in 1-Down stands for 4 letters ARTS
Abbr. on a Welcome to our town sign 3 letters EST
Geese formation 3 letters VEE
Driver’s licenses for example 3 letters IDS
Much ___ About Nothing 3 letters ADO

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