USA Today Crossword May 12 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword May 12 2023 Answers:

Soccer stat (Abbr.) 3 letters PTS
___ Nas X 3 letters LIL
Corgis and chow chows 4 letters DOGS
Cheerios grains 4 letters OATS
Agenda component 4 letters ITEM
Actress Shahidi 4 letters YARA
Blog founded by activist Monica Roberts 10 letters TRANSGRIOT
___ out a victory (wins but only just) 4 letters EKES
Champion’s prize 6 letters TROPHY
What players control in Pong 7 letters PADDLES
Companion with a scaly tail 6 letters PETRAT
___ Doing a Sequel (Muppets Most Wanted song) 4 letters WERE
Whichever 3 letters ANY
Makes sense 4 letters ISEE
Place to play street hockey 4 letters ROAD
Calligraphy tools 4 letters PENS
Airport gate prediction (Abbr.) 3 letters ETD
Former Cleveland mayor Stokes 4 letters CARL
Dressed 4 letters CLAD
Behind-the-back pool feat for example 9 letters TRICKSHOT
I really ___ for you 4 letters FEEL
Sounds good 4 letters OKAY
Wonderment 3 letters AWE
Ladies 4 letters GALS
___ monitor (kind of setup with two screens) 4 letters DUAL
Person from Glasgow 4 letters SCOT
T’Challa to Ramonda 3 letters SON
Tugboat’s sound 4 letters TOOT
Bedsheets and such 6 letters LINENS
Louisiana-based hot sauce brand 7 letters TABASCO
Really hate 6 letters DETEST
What a shame! 4 letters ALAS
Place where locomotives are stored 10 letters TRAINDEPOT
Nashville HBCU 4 letters FISK
Do some karaoke 4 letters SING
Nevada city near Pyramid Lake 4 letters RENO
Charges that may be illegal when they’re hidden 4 letters FEES
Fawn’s mom 3 letters DOE
STL time zone 3 letters CST
Weed 3 letters POT
Most citrusy 7 letters TARTEST
Began 7 letters STARTED
Form of urban rapid transit 9 letters LIGHTRAIL
Just doing my best 4 letters ITRY
Polynesian garland 3 letters LEI
Like lilac hair 4 letters DYED
California city where The Coup formed 7 letters OAKLAND
Arugula spinach etc. 6 letters GREENS
Spunky 5 letters SASSY
Bo-ring! 5 letters SNORE
Motorized two-wheeler 5 letters MOPED
Me day destination 3 letters SPA
Driveway repair goo 3 letters TAR
Strategically place into position 6 letters DEPLOY
Pizza order 3 letters PIE
Workplace protest 7 letters WALKOUT
D&D monster adapted from Tolkien’s lore 3 letters ORC
Enjoy some dolmas for example 3 letters EAT
Feathers on birds’ heads 6 letters CRESTS
Difficult task 9 letters CHALLENGE
___ Aviv 3 letters TEL
Reggae precursor 3 letters SKA
Artist’s core supporters 7 letters FANBASE
Umbrella term for non-allosexual people 7 letters ACESPEC
Soup dumplings 7 letters WONTONS
Aliens (Abbr.) 3 letters ETS
Only foosball figure on its own rod 6 letters GOALIE
Entryways 5 letters DOORS
Look of contempt 5 letters SNEER
Wizard’s magical stick 5 letters STAFF
Intersex Awareness Day’s mo. 3 letters OCT
___ sure be nice if . . . 3 letters ITD
Requests 4 letters ASKS
Birds’ prehistoric ancestor for short 4 letters DINO
Help out 3 letters AID
Tater ___ casserole 3 letters TOT

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