USA Today Crossword March 6 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword March 6 2021 Answers:

Some parents informally 5 letters MAMAS
Liquid in el mar 4 letters AGUA
I understand now! 3 letters AHA
Remove pencil markings 5 letters ERASE
Crop with kernels 4 letters CORN
Loch with a rumored monster 4 letters NESS
Sparingly worded 5 letters TERSE
Word before smokes or mackerel 4 letters HOLY
Horse’s trot e.g. 4 letters GAIT
Draped garment 4 letters SARI
Cape ___ Mass. 3 letters COD
Greek letters used for angles in math 6 letters THETAS
Dwellings built with snow blocks 6 letters IGLOOS
End-of-March observance in 2021 4 letters HOLI
Venetian waterway 5 letters CANAL
Actress Ryder 6 letters WINONA
What a dog might do for food 3 letters BEG
Continue a game 6 letters PLAYON
The ___ Duckling 4 letters UGLY
___ out a living (just getting by) 5 letters EKING
Stat announced by a pilot 3 letters ETA
Creme ___ creme 4 letters DELA
With home remedy for an upset stomach 6 letters GINGER
___ it on the line 3 letters LAY
London attraction with two hands 6 letters BIGBEN
Beer type 5 letters LAGER
One of trillions in the human body 4 letters CELL
The S in GPS 6 letters SYSTEM
Lithe 6 letters SVELTE
Casual shirt 3 letters TEE
Brand of soft projectiles 4 letters NERF
Three squared 4 letters NINE
Cutlet meat 4 letters VEAL
Mount in Exodus 5 letters SINAI
Scottish girl 4 letters LASS
Like a supervillain 4 letters EVIL
Mini-golf strokes 5 letters PUTTS
Article in French 3 letters LES
Young gents 4 letters LADS
Useful feature 5 letters ASSET
Yankees’ crosstown rivals 4 letters METS
Surface measurement 4 letters AREA
Document issued before a wedding 15 letters MARRIAGELICENSE
Allocate 6 letters ASSIGN
Witness 3 letters SEE
Sound prompting a bless you! 5 letters ACHOO
Merchandise 5 letters GOODS
Online address 3 letters URL
Will that be all? 12 letters ANYTHINGELSE
Maya honored on a 2015 U.S. postage stamp 7 letters ANGELOU
Components of radiators and toasters 15 letters HEATINGELEMENTS
Bhutan’s continent 4 letters ASIA
Ave. crossers 3 letters STS
Like AP classes 12 letters COLLEGELEVEL
Sweetie 3 letters HON
Place for a calm kitty 3 letters LAP
Famous person for short 5 letters CELEB
Disability Visibility editor Alice 4 letters WONG
Place for exchanging vows 5 letters ALTAR
Rotten 3 letters BAD
Similar 4 letters AKIN
___ and yang 3 letters YIN
Yippee! 3 letters YAY
Forever young seemingly 7 letters AGELESS
I Knew I Smelled a ___ (song from Ratatouille the Musical) 3 letters RAT
Sandwich initials 3 letters BLT
Brilliant person 6 letters GENIUS
Serious and sedate 5 letters STAID
Screams 5 letters YELLS
Weekend Update show for short 3 letters SNL
Lab bottle 4 letters VIAL
Give three stars say 4 letters RATE
Clenched hand 4 letters FIST
Activist Ansley 3 letters EVA
Destination with a steam room 3 letters SPA

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