USA Today Crossword March 24 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword March 24 2023 Answers:

Desert in China and Mongolia 4 letters GOBI
Piece of a granola bar 3 letters OAT
Rolls topped with lox 6 letters BAGELS
Major test 4 letters EXAM
Pinata decoration 10 letters CREPEPAPER
Perfect scores for divers 4 letters TENS
Chess match constraints 10 letters TIMELIMITS
Broke sharply 7 letters SNAPPED
New England ___ chowder 4 letters CLAM
Clutter-free 4 letters NEAT
Acupressure surface 3 letters MAT
Wheat field measure 4 letters ACRE
Clog-clearing brand 5 letters DRANO
Bushido concept 5 letters HONOR
Rumor ___ it . . . 3 letters HAS
Take a siesta 4 letters REST
Negroni liquor 3 letters GIN
As if that ___ enough . . . 6 letters WERENT
Tavern drink 3 letters ALE
Cantonese for yes 3 letters HAI
Come into view 6 letters EMERGE
Mamma ___! 3 letters MIA
Reason to crank the AC or roll the windows down 6 letters HOTCAR
Spruce or sycamore 4 letters TREE
Just play it cool! 9 letters ACTCASUAL
Like some shampoos 3 letters DRY
Insects studied by a myrmecologist 4 letters ANTS
Institutions of learning 7 letters SCHOOLS
Type of cake that originated in Minnesota 5 letters BUNDT
Barbie or Fulla 4 letters DOLL
Revolutionary Turner 3 letters NAT
Company with Palais Garnier performances 10 letters PARISOPERA
Blues Hall of Fame singer ___ James 4 letters ETTA
Puzzle hunt aid 4 letters HINT
I am ___ hear me roar 5 letters WOMAN
Slow 4 letters POKY
Tense WNBA periods for short 3 letters OTS
Gas in glowing signs 4 letters NEON
Chimps and gorillas 4 letters APES
Understands 4 letters GETS
Bovine plow-pullers 4 letters OXEN
Bike perch that curves in the back 10 letters BANANASEAT
Whew that wore me out! 7 letters IMSPENT
Quartet times two 5 letters OCTET
Like a climate with very little rainfall 4 letters ARID
President pro ___ 3 letters TEM
Church part with chimes 9 letters BELLTOWER
Samoa’s largest city 4 letters APIA
Greek letter after beta 5 letters GAMMA
___Pen (lifesaving device) 3 letters EPI
___ me be clear . . . 3 letters LET
Soon-to-be alums (Abbr.) 3 letters SRS
State nut of Arkansas 5 letters PECAN
Kung ___ tofu 3 letters PAO
Angel of Mine singer 6 letters MONICA
Finishing touch 11 letters CHERRYONTOP
Place to practice golf swings 5 letters RANGE
___ Lauder 5 letters ESTEE
Serious TV show 5 letters DRAMA
Buddha’s Tooth for example 5 letters RELIC
On ___ (taking a pause) 6 letters HIATUS
Dream state acronym 3 letters REM
Its streets are deserted 9 letters GHOSTTOWN
Nostalgically fashionable 5 letters RETRO
My ___ are tied 5 letters HANDS
Losing contestant 7 letters ALSORAN
Hush your mouth! 5 letters CANIT
UPS alternative 3 letters DHL
Extended family group 4 letters CLAN
Yiddish for pancake 5 letters LATKE
Remains 5 letters STAYS
___ and switch 4 letters BAIT
Large vases 4 letters URNS
Early version of a song 4 letters DEMO
Rice noodle soup 3 letters PHO
The Last Jedi pilot 3 letters POE
Clean Water Act org. 3 letters EPA

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