USA Today Crossword March 19 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword March 19 2023 Answers:

Herb on a margherita pizza 5 letters BASIL
Think the world of 5 letters ADORE
Sports org. with an ACES Award 3 letters WTA
Large sports venue 5 letters ARENA
Country north of Chad 5 letters LIBYA
Sing wordlessly 3 letters HUM
The Matrix star 11 letters KEANUREEVES
Had a meal 3 letters ATE
YMCA class 3 letters ESL
Sits out for a bit 5 letters RESTS
Grand ___ National Park 5 letters TETON
Nickname for Theodore 3 letters TED
Tree with aromatic wood 5 letters CEDAR
Beneath Still Waters singer 13 letters EMMYLOUHARRIS
Repeat endlessly 4 letters LOOP
Parking lot slot 5 letters SPACE
Son of Odin 4 letters THOR
Fastener with a thread 5 letters SCREW
Places to keep tools 5 letters SHEDS
Arroz ___ cubana 3 letters ALA
___ out (barely get) 3 letters EKE
Lamb’s mother 3 letters EWE
It might say Welcome or Cute shoes! Take them off 7 letters DOORMAT
Cared for a friend’s pooch 6 letters DOGSAT
Coral formations 5 letters REEFS
Floppy caps 6 letters BERETS
Casual eateries 5 letters CAFES
Up to the job 4 letters ABLE
Excessively stock up on 5 letters HOARD
Particle with a charge 3 letters ION
Name that’s a body part spelled backwards 3 letters RAE
The Fabulous Baker Boys actor 11 letters BEAUBRIDGES
Sci-fi beings (Abbr.) 3 letters ETS
___-fartsy 5 letters ARTSY
Urban’s opposite 5 letters RURAL
___ Moines Iowa 3 letters DES
Fire pit remnants 5 letters ASHES
Distrustful 5 letters LEERY
Use a tandoor 4 letters BAKE
War god associated with vultures 4 letters ARES
Marine mammal with a leopard variety 4 letters SEAL
Place to stay overnight 3 letters INN
Bay ___ tree 6 letters LAUREL
Pale or golden beverages 4 letters ALES
Keto or paleo for example 4 letters DIET
Well duh! 4 letters OBVS
Bread for a Reuben 3 letters RYE
Holiday with an egg hunt 6 letters EASTER
How disappointing! 10 letters WHATASHAME
Private instructor 5 letters TUTOR
Agreed! 4 letters AMEN
Second attempts 5 letters REDOS
Manuscript modification 4 letters EDIT
Blood classification 4 letters TYPE
Guiding principle 5 letters CREDO
Anything ___ I should know? 4 letters ELSE
Preparation for a political candidate 10 letters MOCKDEBATE
Approximately 10 letters MOREORLESS
Unexpected win 5 letters UPSET
Good one! 3 letters HAH
Got a perfect score on 4 letters ACED
Snowman in Frozen 4 letters OLAF
Aw darn! 4 letters RATS
Mongolia-to-Kazakhstan direction 4 letters WEST
In need of an ice bath 4 letters SORE
Laundry machines 7 letters WASHERS
Leftover traces 7 letters RESIDUE
___ whiz! 3 letters GEE
Exposed 5 letters BARED
Bring about 5 letters CAUSE
Chain founded by the Raffel Brothers 5 letters ARBYS
Four-term POTUS 3 letters FDR
Sworn promise 4 letters OATH
Tall monster in EverQuest 4 letters OGRE
In the vicinity 4 letters NEAR
Lamb’s sound 3 letters BAA
Nonvirtual for short 3 letters IRL
Devious 3 letters SLY

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