USA Today Crossword March 18 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword March 18 2023 Answers:

Places to get cash 4 letters ATMS
Advanced creative writing degree 3 letters MFA
This looks bad 4 letters UHOH
Chocolatey coffee drink 5 letters MOCHA
Jazz legend Fitzgerald 4 letters ELLA
Lost Pixar fish 4 letters NEMO
Parts of sleepwear sets 10 letters PAJAMATOPS
Villain in the first Bond movie 4 letters DRNO
Pillow Talk actress Day 5 letters DORIS
From my vantage point . . . 8 letters ASISEEIT
Tiger lion or jaguar 6 letters BIGCAT
Procedure with chest compressions 3 letters CPR
Tennis star Osaka 5 letters NAOMI
Dishes that might contain Cool Whip 6 letters SALADS
___ carpet 4 letters SHAG
Author Morrison 4 letters TONI
Damascus’ country 5 letters SYRIA
Poisonous 5 letters TOXIC
What a disaster! 3 letters UGH
Marathon units 5 letters MILES
Kiss me I’m ___ 5 letters IRISH
Hilarious person 4 letters RIOT
Have a snack 4 letters NOSH
Little scoundrel 6 letters RASCAL
Bit of thyme 5 letters SPRIG
Experiencing little to no romantic attraction for short 3 letters ARO
Take initiative 6 letters LEANIN
Brewski-and-OJ drink 8 letters BEERMOSA
Ice cream sandwich brand 5 letters ITSIT
Automaker with a four-ring logo 4 letters AUDI
One of 100 Capitol Hill positions 10 letters SENATESEAT
Small chirpy bird 4 letters WREN
Concludes 4 letters ENDS
___ dreaming 5 letters LUCID
Like a 3.5-hour movie 4 letters LONG
Chiding sound 3 letters TSK
Snakelike fish 4 letters EELS
Electric violin booster 3 letters AMP
Warty hopper 4 letters TOAD
Term that McDonald’s campaigned to have removed from the Oxford English Dictionary 5 letters MCJOB
Generosity = love 15 letters SHARINGISCARING
Ran into 3 letters MET
French desserts consisting of meringue in a sea of vanilla custard 15 letters FLOATINGISLANDS
European mountain range 4 letters ALPS
Core problem 15 letters UNDERLYINGISSUE
This is for you 4 letters HERE
Prefix for present 4 letters OMNI
Owl sound 4 letters HOOT
Female friend in Spanish 5 letters AMIGA
Sneaker brand 5 letters ASICS
Wide tie 5 letters ASCOT
Involuntary jerky movement 5 letters SPASM
Love in France 5 letters AMOUR
Folk singer Guthrie 4 letters ARLO
Runs out of juice 4 letters DIES
Accessory worn diagonally 4 letters SASH
Mix with a spoon 4 letters STIR
Circle dance 4 letters HORA
X or Y on a graph 4 letters AXIS
Fingers crossed 5 letters IHOPE
Third time’s the ___! 5 letters CHARM
Characteristic 5 letters TRAIT
___ lips sink ships 5 letters LOOSE
Inside info 5 letters INTEL
Mirabel to Bruno in Encanto 5 letters NIECE
Weep loudly 4 letters BAWL
Coin in Spain or France 4 letters EURO
Biblical garden 4 letters EDEN
Email folder 4 letters SENT
Wagging part of a dog 4 letters TAIL
Inquire 3 letters ASK
QB’s scores 3 letters TDS

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