USA Today Crossword June 29 2022 Answers

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USA Today Crossword June 29 2022 Answers:

Guest columnist’s piece 4 letters OPED
Cleans up a spill 4 letters MOPS
Professor’s degree often 3 letters PHD
Snack cooked over a campfire 5 letters SMORE
Feast with maror and charoset 5 letters SEDER
Sign before Virgo 3 letters LEO
Chopitos and empanadillas for example 5 letters TAPAS
Stays cool and collected 9 letters KEEPSCALM
Burden 4 letters ONUS
Oodles of 5 letters LOTSA
Like a golden-yellow pineapple 4 letters RIPE
A water main is one 4 letters PIPE
Flower with a Thornbird variety 4 letters IRIS
Lentil casings 4 letters PODS
Ssam for example 4 letters WRAP
Comes up with a title for 5 letters NAMES
___-fi 3 letters SCI
Whose Line ___ Anyway? 4 letters ISIT
Chicano Blowouts location 6 letters EASTLA
Tapered off 5 letters WANED
Football helmet part 9 letters CHINSTRAP
Thunderstruck band 4 letters ACDC
Carnivore known for its laugh 5 letters HYENA
Refine 4 letters HONE
Darn it! 6 letters PHOOEY
Blades for harvesting 8 letters MACHETES
Fix a rip 3 letters SEW
Salif Keita’s country 4 letters MALI
Stretch of history 3 letters ERA
Destined 5 letters FATED
Quinceanera headpiece 5 letters TIARA
Leave work 10 letters CALLITADAY
Large gulp 4 letters SWIG
Plain font whose name becomes plane-related if you add an E 5 letters ARIAL
Floating ice sheet 4 letters FLOE
Trim on a bridal veil 4 letters LACE
Sounds from a truck in reverse 5 letters BEEPS
Pained cry 4 letters YELP
Holes in needles 4 letters EYES
Like the newspaper Muscat Daily 5 letters OMANI
Web browsing annoyance 11 letters POPUPWINDOW
Carpenter pencil’s lack 6 letters ERASER
___ Moines BCycle 3 letters DES
Reach a compromise 15 letters MEETINTHEMIDDLE
Texas city near Midland 6 letters ODESSA
Salt-N-___ 4 letters PEPA
Many SAT takers (Abbr.) 3 letters SRS
Kilt pattern 5 letters PLAID
Gives some assistance 5 letters HELPS
Taj Mahal top 4 letters DOME
Cut that out! 4 letters STOP
Toffee bar brand 4 letters SKOR
Cooperate with an opposing party in politics 13 letters CROSSTHEAISLE
Body parts that might be lined 4 letters LIPS
Vegetable anagram of 35-Down 4 letters PEAS
Assistance 3 letters AID
Pose a threat to 6 letters MENACE
Makes an exchange 5 letters SWAPS
Hidden trove 5 letters CACHE
Very cold 3 letters ICY
Medium gait 4 letters TROT
Racetrack section 4 letters LANE
Animal anagram of 23-Down 4 letters APES
Earth-friendly prefix 3 letters ECO
Once-___-lifetime 3 letters INA
Competitor of Hilton 5 letters HYATT
Messages in Sent folders 6 letters EMAILS
Regimen for some trans people 3 letters HRT
Like arugula and kale 5 letters LEAFY
Book jacket part 4 letters FLAP
Take me ___ a secret place . . . 4 letters AWAY
Congee grain 4 letters RICE
Years and years 4 letters AGES
Vehicle with a meter 3 letters CAB
The results ___ in! 3 letters ARE
Tell it like it isn’t 3 letters LIE
Yahoo alternative 3 letters AOL
Sure thing 3 letters YEP

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