USA Today Crossword June 27 2022 Answers

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USA Today Crossword June 27 2022 Answers:

Salon applications 4 letters GELS
Dollars 5 letters BUCKS
MLB execs 3 letters GMS
Panthers cap 5 letters BERET
Not cool 5 letters UNHIP
Salesperson for short 3 letters REP
Silueta Series artist 11 letters ANAMENDIETA
Devoured 3 letters ATE
Can you explain this gap in your ___? 6 letters RESUME
Golf peg 3 letters TEE
Something changed during a pit stop 4 letters TIRE
At any point in time 4 letters EVER
Contribute to a forum thread 4 letters POST
Lose your cool 5 letters PANIC
Feeling blue 3 letters SAD
Short jump 3 letters HOP
Like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia 7 letters OILRICH
Fruits from palms 5 letters DATES
Parakeet enclosures 5 letters CAGES
Title character of Veep 11 letters SELINAMEYER
Falling-outs 5 letters RIFTS
Unspoken 5 letters TACIT
Converts into cash 7 letters REDEEMS
Vase in a museum 3 letters URN
Informative TV ad 3 letters PSA
Currently winning 5 letters AHEAD
Heap 4 letters PILE
Prefix for golf or skirt 4 letters MINI
___ Improved Player (sports award) 4 letters MOST
Particle such as H or Na 3 letters ION
Bowls over 6 letters AMAZES
___ a ring on it 3 letters PUT
Voice of Elsa in Frozen 11 letters IDINAMENZEL
___ your imagination 3 letters USE
Supermarket departments 5 letters DELIS
Look without blinking 5 letters STARE
Energetic enthusiasm 3 letters PEP
Desert havens 5 letters OASES
Impudent talk 4 letters SASS
Swiss city on a lake 6 letters GENEVA
Removed from a whiteboard 6 letters ERASED
Mammal from Madagascar 5 letters LEMUR
Part of a dandelion 4 letters STEM
Pal 3 letters BUD
Parts of an apartment complex 5 letters UNITS
___ dust (orange snack residue) 6 letters CHEETO
Wind-blown toy 4 letters KITE
Place to get a peel 3 letters SPA
Not as high-definition 8 letters GRAINIER
Standards of measurement 7 letters METRICS
Maria W. Stewart’s Why Sit Ye Here and Die? was one 6 letters SPEECH
Exposes 5 letters BARES
Favoritism toward relatives and friends 8 letters NEPOTISM
Aim for 6 letters TARGET
Accepting customers 4 letters OPEN
Qualifying game 6 letters PLAYIN
Stopped 6 letters HALTED
Middle of some frozen sandwiches 8 letters ICECREAM
Loss 6 letters DEFEAT
Took a load off 3 letters SAT
Avoid dealing with 8 letters SIDESTEP
Crush in competition 4 letters MAUL
Provide new accommodations for 7 letters REHOUSE
Increase in intensity 6 letters RAMPUP
Pampers 6 letters SPOILS
Pies that aren’t for dessert 6 letters PIZZAS
Contemptuous expressions 6 letters SNEERS
Supermarket section 5 letters AISLE
Common type of bellybutton 5 letters INNIE
Stingray relative 5 letters MANTA
Concept 4 letters IDEA
Something that needs tidying up 4 letters MESS
Answer at the altar 3 letters IDO
Donkey 3 letters ASS

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