USA Today Crossword June 23 2022 Answers

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USA Today Crossword June 23 2022 Answers:

Mayday Parade genre 3 letters EMO
Utensil for soup 5 letters SPOON
Asset 4 letters PLUS
Empty spaces 4 letters GAPS
___ couture 5 letters HAUTE
Over 4 letters DONE
DC Comics archer who sometimes dresses like Robin Hood 10 letters GREENARROW
Most populated continent 4 letters ASIA
Watch online 6 letters STREAM
NFL tiebreakers 3 letters OTS
Channel with old flicks 3 letters TCM
Bareilles of Girls5eva 4 letters SARA
Dial-up pioneer 3 letters AOL
Haven’t decided yet . . . 4 letters IMAY
Marvel sorceress portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen 12 letters SCARLETWITCH
I just got it! 3 letters AHA
Flies to a spider 4 letters PREY
Inconvenience 6 letters HASSLE
Research sites 4 letters LABS
Disney deer 5 letters BAMBI
Adolescent 4 letters TEEN
Cheese in some bagels 6 letters ASIAGO
Fishing spot 4 letters PIER
Rude person 3 letters ASS
Fantastic Four ally with metallic skin 12 letters SILVERSURFER
God-___ (next-level awesome) 4 letters TIER
Flying Over Sunset drug 3 letters LSD
Jonathan Van ___ (Queer Eye star) 4 letters NESS
Type of first responder 3 letters EMT
Sport that uses grappling gloves 3 letters MMA
Choose 6 letters SELECT
You’re so ___ / You probably think this song is about you 4 letters VAIN
Avenger aka Natasha Romanoff 10 letters BLACKWIDOW
Brainchild 4 letters IDEA
Vietnamese garment 5 letters AODAI
Would it be OK? 4 letters CANI
___ we forget . . . 4 letters LEST
Nice thinking! 5 letters SMART
Badminton divider 3 letters NET
Easter ___ (hidden bonuses in many superhero movies) 4 letters EGGS
Gas station stores 5 letters MARTS
Du Yun’s Angel’s Bone e.g. 5 letters OPERA
Phony 4 letters SHAM
Golf hole number 3 letters PAR
Belonging to us 3 letters OUR
Apt last name for a handyperson 6 letters OTOOLE
Semiaquatic pond critter 4 letters NEWT
Kissing in a movie theater e.g. 3 letters PDA
Totally confused 9 letters LOSTATSEA
Single-wheeled vehicles 9 letters UNICYCLES
Sewing line 4 letters SEAM
Prophets 5 letters SEERS
Image Awards org. 5 letters NAACP
Dancer and singer JoJo 4 letters SIWA
Region 4 letters AREA
Home to the Greek gods 7 letters OLYMPUS
Fine spray 4 letters MIST
___ Day (tree-planting occasion) 5 letters ARBOR
Porch pirate e.g. 5 letters THIEF
Coop residents 4 letters HENS
What a shame! 4 letters ALAS
Is living the dream 9 letters HASITMADE
Telekinesis and telepathy for two 9 letters ABILITIES
Rescue 4 letters SAVE
Falcon e.g. 4 letters BIRD
Hand sanitizer’s target 4 letters GERM
Sign up for more 5 letters RENEW
Zigzag on skis 6 letters SLALOM
Artifact from the past 5 letters RELIC
Car type 5 letters SEDAN
Pastry often served with tea 5 letters SCONE
Like Hela and Thanos 4 letters EVIL
Degrees for execs 4 letters MBAS
The Big Gay Sketch Show segment 4 letters SKIT
Fool 4 letters TWIT
Nickname for 63-Across 3 letters NAT
Org. that encourages flossing 3 letters ADA
Batmobile e.g. 3 letters CAR

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