USA Today Crossword June 22 2022 Answers

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USA Today Crossword June 22 2022 Answers:

Throw in the trash 4 letters TOSS
Creatures in some fantasy games 4 letters ORCS
Athlete with an agent 3 letters PRO
Shaved ice flavorer 5 letters SYRUP
Despicable 4 letters VILE
Fly high in the sky 4 letters SOAR
Button encouraging users to download the latest version 10 letters UPGRADENOW
Cloud ___ (Temptations hit) 4 letters NINE
Sensitive part of a bloodhound 4 letters NOSE
Torah holders 4 letters ARKS
Vampire teeth 5 letters FANGS
Football analyst Scott 4 letters BART
Pass by like time 6 letters ELAPSE
Baloney! 13 letters UTTERNONSENSE
In a way 5 letters SORTA
Creature in Tibetan myth 4 letters YETI
URL beginning 4 letters HTTP
Incoming plane stat 3 letters ETA
Jeers from the stands 4 letters BOOS
___ pajamas 6 letters FOOTIE
Papas 4 letters DADS
On the other hand . . . 3 letters BUT
Pig farm enclosures 5 letters STIES
Sierra ___ 5 letters LEONE
Make airtight 4 letters SEAL
Butter sculptures for example 3 letters ART
Harbor floaters 5 letters BUOYS
Sunscreen additive 4 letters ALOE
Don’t sweat the ___ stuff 5 letters SMALL
Golf course numbers 4 letters PARS
Gets some shut-eye 4 letters NAPS
Site of a conch piercing 3 letters EAR
Bowlful often topped with tempura 11 letters UDONNOODLES
Place to pour Epsom salt 3 letters TUB
Golf course vehicles 5 letters CARTS
Coin at an arcade 5 letters TOKEN
Chloe to Halle for short 3 letters SIS
Body part with a cap 4 letters KNEE
Even trades 5 letters SWAPS
Spell-checker’s catch 4 letters TYPO
UNESCO and such 4 letters ORGS
Guaranteed winner 7 letters SUREBET
Place for a hydromassage 3 letters SPA
News anchor’s segue 9 letters OVERTOYOU
Skater’s place 4 letters RINK
Least distant 7 letters CLOSEST
Work on a kimono 3 letters SEW
Christmassy plant 10 letters POINSETTIA
The Tian Shan for example 5 letters RANGE
Mining geologists’ materials 4 letters ORES
Star on Argentina’s flag 3 letters SUN
Polaroid output 8 letters SNAPSHOT
Confound it! 4 letters DARN
Season ticket holder 3 letters FAN
___ Republic of Egypt 4 letters ARAB
Norse explorer Erikson 4 letters LEIF
Like most thrift store wares 4 letters USED
Final tally 5 letters TOTAL
Insult each other 10 letters TRADEBARBS
Homes for fledglings 5 letters NESTS
Rewards program level 4 letters TIER
Annoying person 4 letters PEST
Follow a command 4 letters OBEY
Capital home to the Akershus Fortress 4 letters OSLO
Word before food or mate 4 letters SOUL
It didn’t work 6 letters NOLUCK
Works hard for 5 letters EARNS
Furthermore 4 letters ALSO
Cell from a fern 5 letters SPORE
Supply with a grant 5 letters ENDOW
Stage constructions 4 letters SETS
East ___ Taro Festival (event in Hana) 4 letters MAUI
Pay for a poker hand 4 letters ANTE
___-Seltzer 4 letters ALKA
Baby bird’s sound 4 letters PEEP
Nine-digit IDs for short 4 letters SSNS
Rank in shogi 3 letters DAN
Extra periods for short 3 letters OTS

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