USA Today Crossword June 20 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword June 20 2021 Answers:

Try to scam via email 5 letters PHISH
Capital of Norway 4 letters OSLO
Toddler’s scrape 4 letters OWIE
Juliet’s love 5 letters ROMEO
Cook a crust onto 4 letters SEAR
Store at a gas station 4 letters MART
Item in a USDA-labeled carton 10 letters ORGANICEGG
Plays on the radio 4 letters AIRS
Experiencing little or no romantic attraction for short 3 letters ARO
Members of alumni bands 5 letters GRADS
___-inflammatory foods 4 letters ANTI
Nickname 7 letters MONIKER
Pungent bagel cheese 6 letters ASIAGO
Start over 4 letters REDO
Not taut 5 letters SLACK
___ Jose State University 3 letters SAN
Business name abbr. 3 letters INC
Tool similar to a paddle 3 letters OAR
___ be real . . . 4 letters LETS
Sign near a pond in winter 13 letters DANGERTHINICE
Pancake with a rava variety 4 letters DOSA
Simu who plays Shang-Chi 3 letters LIU
Chana ___ (chickpea dish) 3 letters DAL
Prefix for cycle or verse 3 letters UNI
Coke competitor 5 letters PEPSI
Back of the neck 4 letters NAPE
Place for a relaxing soak 6 letters HOTTUB
Star’s following 7 letters FANCLUB
Tiny tree branch 4 letters TWIG
Insincere 5 letters PHONY
In this day and ___ 3 letters AGE
Vegetable related to the negi 4 letters LEEK
Visual prostheses 10 letters BIONICEYES
Durga Puja dress 4 letters SARI
Took a tumble 4 letters FELL
Star’s representative 5 letters AGENT
Southwestern Natives 4 letters UTES
Skirmish 4 letters FRAY
Device settings 5 letters MODES
Charity golf tourney often 5 letters PROAM
Train to Busan genre 6 letters HORROR
See ya! 6 letters IMGONE
Homophone of see 3 letters SEA
City with daily ferries to Macau 8 letters HONGKONG
Hollywood statuettes 6 letters OSCARS
Piece inside a kabocha 4 letters SEED
Falls behind 4 letters LAGS
URL ending for UNICEF 3 letters ORG
Muscat resident 5 letters OMANI
Not so fast! 8 letters WAITASEC
Provide water to farmland 8 letters IRRIGATE
UFO aviators perhaps 3 letters ETS
Intense anger 3 letters IRE
Make inquiries 3 letters ASK
Stage and screen star Menzel 5 letters IDINA
Harsh-smelling 5 letters ACRID
Add-___ (extra features) 3 letters ONS
Cross-legged position 5 letters LOTUS
Ooh and ___ 3 letters AAH
Star for short 5 letters CELEB
Shade similar to lavender 5 letters LILAC
Warning on silica gel packets 8 letters DONOTEAT
So to speak 8 letters ASITWERE
Make a tear in 3 letters RIP
Nursery monitoring device 8 letters NANNYCAM
That’s so obvious! 3 letters DUH
Flat-nosed pooch 3 letters PUG
In my dreams! 6 letters IFONLY
Was in the game 6 letters PLAYED
University of Oregon’s city 6 letters EUGENE
Polynesian carvings 5 letters TIKIS
Alex and ___ (jewelry company) 3 letters ANI
One-ups 5 letters BESTS
Boardwalk attachment 4 letters PIER
Hello in Spanish 4 letters HOLA
Baton Rouge sch. 3 letters LSU
Inseparable pal for short 3 letters BFF
Source of hubris 3 letters EGO

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