USA Today Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

Physicians for short 4 letters DOCS
Moist 4 letters DAMP
Having the capability 4 letters ABLE
Bird on Egypt’s flag 5 letters EAGLE
Vehicles for aliens perhaps 4 letters UFOS
Breakfast-in-bed holder 4 letters TRAY
Fruity ice cream drink 15 letters STRAWBERRYSHAKE
Some sleep shirts 4 letters TEES
Oodles 4 letters ALOT
Anything ___? 4 letters ELSE
Places to get massages 4 letters SPAS
Diarist Lister dubbed the first modern lesbian 4 letters ANNE
Drink stirrer 12 letters SWIZZLESTICK
Smile shape 3 letters ARC
Name hidden in white lies 4 letters ELIE
Grow molars 6 letters TEETHE
Stubborn animal 4 letters MULE
Scolding sound 3 letters TSK
___ bracelet (’90s fad) 4 letters SLAP
Pretty ___ with a cherry on top! 6 letters PLEASE
Walkman insert 4 letters TAPE
Extremely fun 3 letters LIT
Sue Bird’s WNBA team 12 letters SEATTLESTORM
Dalai ___ 4 letters LAMA
Flower that’s 60-Across backwards 4 letters IRIS
Compost bin smell 4 letters ODOR
Destroy 4 letters RUIN
Genderless Apple assistant 4 letters SIRI
Small Christmas gift 15 letters STOCKINGSTUFFER
Greeting in Spanish 4 letters HOLA
Word after stem or before phone 4 letters CELL
Book’s name 5 letters TITLE
Holler 4 letters YELL
LGBT rights activist Windsor 4 letters EDIE
Site with custom crafts 4 letters ETSY
Meetup from Lex 4 letters DATE
Fairy tale monsters 5 letters OGRES
Necklace fasteners 6 letters CLASPS
Do some needlework 3 letters SEW
Hamilton faceoff 4 letters DUEL
Big Hair Don’t Care do 4 letters AFRO
___ Kombat 6 letters MORTAL
Gangnam Style singer 3 letters PSY
Megan Rapinoe and Patricio Manuel e.g. 8 letters ATHLETES
GI Collection buys 4 letters BRAS
Waterskiing spot 4 letters LAKE
Queer ___ (Netflix show) 3 letters EYE
Approximation (Abbr.) 3 letters EST
Pesto herb 5 letters BASIL
Taste or touch e.g. 5 letters SENSE
Leave wonderstruck 3 letters AWE
Badminton divider 3 letters NET
Bit of acne 3 letters ZIT
Citrus peels 5 letters ZESTS
___ be just a minute 4 letters ITLL
Spiced tea 4 letters CHAI
Didn’t throw out 4 letters KEPT
Sound-boosting devices 4 letters AMPS
No TV during dinner maybe 4 letters RULE
DuVall of But I’m A Cheerleader 4 letters CLEA
Have brunch at a farmer’s market say 8 letters EATLOCAL
Dennings of WandaVision 3 letters KAT
Framing Britney Spears director Samantha 5 letters STARK
Stately tree 3 letters ELM
I think you’re missing the ___ 5 letters POINT
Make a mistake 3 letters ERR
Worked to achieve 6 letters EARNED
Round peg in a square hole 6 letters MISFIT
___ through (rummages through) 5 letters SIFTS
Indigenous Midwestern tribe 4 letters OTOE
Qai Qai e.g. 4 letters DOLL
Unsightly-sounding fruit 4 letters UGLI
Bit of land in the ocean 4 letters ISLE
Depend 4 letters RELY
Fury 3 letters IRE
Unlikely to initiate conversation 3 letters SHY
Drink cooler 3 letters ICE
Natives of Colorado 3 letters UTE

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