USA Today Crossword July 28 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword July 28 2021 Answers:

East’s opposite 4 letters WEST
Brush alternative 4 letters COMB
Instrument for Esperanza Spalding 4 letters BASS
Cookie similar to a Giro 4 letters OREO
Birchbark boat 5 letters CANOE
Event with demo booths 4 letters EXPO
___ memorization 4 letters ROTE
Got me now? 10 letters AREWECLEAR
Medical drama characters (Abbr.) 3 letters MDS
Garments under crop tops sometimes 4 letters BRAS
Here’s what I want to know . . . 6 letters TELLME
Seasoning for caramels 7 letters SEASALT
Ads that raise awareness 4 letters PSAS
Mother-in-___ 3 letters LAW
Keemun and kuding 4 letters TEAS
Little devil 3 letters IMP
Luxurious country estate 5 letters VILLA
Backed down 8 letters RELENTED
Showed up 4 letters CAME
Maia ___ first Black woman NFL official 5 letters CHAKA
Winning ___ everything! 4 letters ISNT
Full of excitement 8 letters ANIMATED
Intense fear 5 letters DREAD
Animal clinic visitor 3 letters PET
Now it makes sense! 4 letters ISEE
Knee part for short 3 letters ACL
Name hidden backward in Darby 4 letters BRAD
Seasoned one 7 letters VETERAN
Sports reporter Gutierrez 6 letters ISRAEL
Lancelot and Mix-a-Lot e.g. 4 letters SIRS
Savings plan with a SIMPLE variety 3 letters IRA
Damage control professional 10 letters SPINDOCTOR
Many years 4 letters AGES
Territory 4 letters LAND
Christmas carols 5 letters NOELS
Make small talk 4 letters CHAT
Discontinues 4 letters ENDS
Cruella star Stone 4 letters EMMA
Website with crafts 4 letters ETSY
Compost bin wrigglers 5 letters WORMS
Wear away 5 letters ERODE
Specifies the maximum amount for example 10 letters SETSALIMIT
___ socks 3 letters TOE
Jeweler’s weight unit 5 letters CARAT
Smallest bills 4 letters ONES
Trim the grass 3 letters MOW
Red-and-green dish often topped with feta 9 letters BEETSALAD
It’s not ringing any ___ 5 letters BELLS
Figure skating jump 4 letters AXEL
Meat in Hawaiian cuisine 4 letters SPAM
Like legs after a barre class 4 letters SORE
The Mandalorian actor Weathers 4 letters CARL
Discontinue 5 letters CEASE
Weep loudly 4 letters BAWL
Willamette University city 5 letters SALEM
Steal a glance 4 letters PEEK
Masonry or welding say 5 letters TRADE
No worries 10 letters ITSALRIGHT
Repair 4 letters MEND
Summer hrs. in Portland 3 letters PDT
Barn roof spinner 4 letters VANE
Has no help 9 letters ACTSALONE
Sofia Coppola to Talia Shire 5 letters NIECE
Top of a toothpaste tube 3 letters CAP
Pay attention to 4 letters HEED
Played on the radio 5 letters AIRED
Dang it! 4 letters RATS
Musical groups 5 letters BANDS
Instrument played with a bow 5 letters VIOLA
Forgets to charge the phone say 4 letters ERRS
Spheres of interest 5 letters AREAS
Mean-spirited 5 letters NASTY
Dot on an ocean map 4 letters ISLE
Wing measure 4 letters SPAN
Muskmelon’s skin 4 letters RIND
Enoki part 4 letters STEM
End of many URLs 3 letters COM
Card in a blackjack 3 letters ACE

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