USA Today Crossword July 27 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword July 27 2021 Answers:

Bedside light 4 letters LAMP
Pace of a song 5 letters TEMPO
So ___ Spider So What? (Okina Baba series) 3 letters IMA
No longer happening 4 letters OVER
Combination of multiple cuisines 6 letters FUSION
Que ___? (What’s up?) 3 letters TAL
Fruit-and-ice-cream dessert 11 letters BANANASPLIT
Missouri city for short 3 letters STL
___ out (stop functioning) 4 letters CONK
Free Your Mind group 7 letters ENVOGUE
Pinkie promises e.g. 5 letters PACTS
Wyo. time zone 3 letters MST
___ a one (none) 4 letters NARY
Surprised to see you here! 4 letters OHHI
Cat’s fur 4 letters COAT
References often hard to explain to non-internet users 5 letters MEMES
Like some sodas 4 letters DIET
Computer command for a mistake 4 letters UNDO
Lambs’ mamas 4 letters EWES
How fajitas are often served 11 letters SIZZLINGHOT
LGBT activist Dan 4 letters CHOI
OK gotcha 4 letters ISEE
Cooling station spray 4 letters MIST
Support for a shoulder injury 5 letters SLING
Body part with a bridge 4 letters NOSE
Concert gear 4 letters AMPS
Remove the peel from 4 letters PARE
Big ___ (London clock) 3 letters BEN
Move covertly 5 letters SNEAK
Green gem 7 letters EMERALD
You can turn off the alarm clock 4 letters IMUP
Computer key above ~ 3 letters ESC
Big sudden improvement 11 letters QUANTUMLEAP
smut singer Saleh 3 letters DUA
Your shoelaces are ___ 6 letters UNTIED
Solo for a soprano 4 letters ARIA
Make a choice 3 letters OPT
Elite unit 5 letters ATEAM
Second-person pronoun 4 letters YALL
Gentle toss 3 letters LOB
ARRAY founder DuVernay 3 letters AVA
The M in MiB 3 letters MEN
Nurse ___ 12 letters PRACTITIONER
Narwhal feature 4 letters TUSK
Particularly (Abbr.) 3 letters ESP
It’s significant to reach them 10 letters MILESTONES
One end of a pencil 5 letters POINT
Gracing the small screen 4 letters ONTV
Hype-up phrase just before a match 11 letters ITSGAMETIME
Becomes more grown-up 7 letters MATURES
Places to bowl 6 letters ALLEYS
Flamenco dancing prop 3 letters FAN
Refusals 3 letters NOS
Fleabag or The Vagina Monologues originally 12 letters ONEWOMANPLAY
Holder of peas 3 letters POD
Tuna variety 3 letters AHI
Grinning feline in Wonderland 11 letters CHESHIRECAT
Hockey player Packer 7 letters MADISON
Member of the fam 3 letters CUZ
Romantic videochat for example 10 letters ONLINEDATE
I don’t love that 3 letters MEH
Zag’s counterpart 3 letters ZIG
___ thanks! 3 letters GEE
Goes quiet 7 letters CLAMSUP
Place for pampering 3 letters SPA
Disapproving sound 3 letters TSK
Swimsuit company that sponsors Nathan Adrian 6 letters SPEEDO
Very direct 5 letters BLUNT
Abacus calculation 3 letters SUM
Prefix meaning water 4 letters AQUA
Part of an agenda 4 letters ITEM
Dirt plus water 3 letters MUD
Hurdler Ali 3 letters NIA
Time period 3 letters ERA
Not feel well 3 letters AIL
Friend 3 letters PAL

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