USA Today Crossword January 24 2022 Answers

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USA Today Crossword January 24 2022 Answers:

___ and pepper 4 letters SALT
Money dispensers 4 letters ATMS
Ain’t gonna happen 4 letters NOPE
Harlem Renaissance writer Locke 5 letters ALAIN
___ and holler 4 letters HOOT
Lake near Buffalo 4 letters ERIE
Car racing class with Grand Prix competitions 10 letters FORMULAONE
Row on a wall calendar 4 letters WEEK
Machine that creates motion 6 letters ENGINE
Puts a black surface on a road 4 letters TARS
Pomegranate morsel 4 letters SEED
Up high! 10 letters GIVEMEFIVE
More prudent 5 letters WISER
Snake’s poison 5 letters VENOM
Used to be 3 letters WAS
___ it! (Get a move on!) 5 letters HOPTO
Legendary 4 letters EPIC
GLOW actress Brie 6 letters ALISON
Entice 6 letters SEDUCE
Unable to decide between two options 4 letters TORN
Reveals completely 5 letters BARES
Basic top 3 letters TEE
Use crib notes 5 letters CHEAT
Info obtained by a spy 5 letters INTEL
Doing a tricky surfboard maneuver 10 letters HANGINGTEN
Twirled 4 letters SPUN
Kitchen output 4 letters FOOD
Danai Gurira and Robin Thede by birth 6 letters IOWANS
Couple 4 letters PAIR
Like the Kaktovik numeral system 10 letters BASETWENTY
Interstellar actress Hathaway 4 letters ANNE
Website for craft sellers 4 letters ETSY
Ushered through the door 5 letters LEDIN
Small child 4 letters TYKE
Swimming pool division 4 letters LANE
Baby powder ingredient 4 letters TALC
Places for valuables 5 letters SAFES
Solo 5 letters ALONE
Drink size 5 letters LARGE
Like a wallflower 5 letters TIMID
Ohhh I see now! 3 letters AHA
As well 3 letters TOO
___ Lamar Hill aka Lil Nas X 7 letters MONTERO
Water vapor 5 letters STEAM
Social media homepage 8 letters NEWSFEED
Mined resource in Catan 3 letters ORE
Dessert served on March 14 3 letters PIE
Cry of surprised alarm 3 letters EEK
Deloris pretends to be one in Sister Act 3 letters NUN
Multitude of people 6 letters LEGION
Slam on the accelerator 3 letters REV
Co. like Comcast or AOL 3 letters ISP
Pet doctor 3 letters VET
Two cents 5 letters INPUT
Choral music part 5 letters VOICE
Roast host 5 letters EMCEE
Should I know them? 3 letters WHO
Accessory that might have a heart rate tracker 5 letters WATCH
___ nui loa 5 letters ALOHA
Firetruck sound 5 letters SIREN
Like fabric designed not to get caught 8 letters SNAGFREE
Already watched that one 6 letters SEENIT
Class for some new U.S. residents 3 letters ESL
Tech field where information may be in exabytes 7 letters BIGDATA
Picnic pest 3 letters ANT
GPS suggestion (Abbr.) 3 letters RTE
Papi’s brother 3 letters TIO
Annual Swedish prize 5 letters NOBEL
Sugary 5 letters SWEET
Bear used in diplomacy 5 letters PANDA
No later than 5 letters UNTIL
Bye Bye Bye boy band 5 letters NSYNC
Bird in the Tripadvisor logo 3 letters OWL
Encouraging shoulder touch 3 letters PAT
___ questions? 3 letters ANY
Tattoos 3 letters INK
Tax form ID 3 letters SSN
Place for a contact lens 3 letters EYE

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