USA Today Crossword January 16 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword January 16 2021 Answers:

Youngsters 4 letters KIDS
Window blind piece 4 letters SLAT
Blow off the big wedding 5 letters ELOPE
Concept 4 letters IDEA
Double-dipping to some 4 letters NONO
More recently released 5 letters NEWER
Sea salt chemically 4 letters NACL
Name hidden in bottoms 4 letters OTTO
Dance with a kick 5 letters CONGA
Uncredited authors 12 letters GHOSTWRITERS
Dental care brand 5 letters ORALB
Physician Esther 4 letters CHOO
etc. 3 letters MDS
Bogus offer 4 letters SCAM
Whatever you want! 6 letters NAMEIT
Sow’s pen 3 letters STY
Part of Poison Ivy’s costume 4 letters LEAF
Magna ___ 5 letters CARTA
Nickname for Denver 15 letters THEMILEHIGHCITY
Cookies similar to Creme Betweens 5 letters OREOS
Name that’s an anagram of lark 4 letters KARL
How-___ (tutorials) 3 letters TOS
Vacay spot 6 letters RESORT
Move carefully 4 letters EASE
Not impressed 3 letters MEH
Opera highlight 4 letters ARIA
Pepsi and others 5 letters COLAS
Purpose of some work icebreakers 12 letters TEAMBUILDING
Move on all fours 5 letters CRAWL
Sit for a portrait 4 letters POSE
Jenkins whose motto was Love is progress hate is expensive 4 letters ESAU
Capital home to Hoan Kiem Lake 5 letters HANOI
Have You ___? (Brandy song) 4 letters EVER
Knee-ankle connector 4 letters SHIN
No bet 5 letters IPASS
Road ___ Traveled (Lauren Alaina song) 4 letters LESS
Have a chat 4 letters TALK
Look at Me Now singer Emily 4 letters KING
State home to the Kootenai 5 letters IDAHO
Interior design 5 letters DECOR
Taco bar sauces 6 letters SALSAS
Possible name for a white cat 8 letters SNOWBALL
Frodo/Sam franchise for short 4 letters LOTR
Madcap stunt 5 letters ANTIC
Part of a comb 5 letters TOOTH
Disrespect a boundary 8 letters ENCROACH
Most August babies 4 letters LEOS
A Room of One’s ___ 3 letters OWN
Knob on a violin 3 letters PEG
Long time period 3 letters ERA
Waterfalls group 3 letters TLC
Long time period 3 letters EON
Earn 5 letters MERIT
Same here! 5 letters DITTO
Remains 5 letters STAYS
Mousy 4 letters MEEK
A ___ and cheese is something that can actually be so personal (Porowski) 3 letters MAC
Sports journalist Hannah 5 letters STORM
Lowest odd prime 5 letters THREE
Woof . . . 5 letters YEESH
I just got it! 3 letters AHA
Word after Ring of or Supa Hot 4 letters FIRE
Dairy farm sound 3 letters MOO
Tel Aviv residents 8 letters ISRAELIS
Disappearing features of a Montana National Park 8 letters GLACIERS
___ la la 3 letters TRA
Note before la 3 letters SOL
Firstborn 6 letters ELDEST
Push into action 5 letters IMPEL
Over 5 letters ABOVE
Whose Line Is It Anyway? host Tyler 5 letters AISHA
Slow garden creature 5 letters SNAIL
Terrible phase 4 letters TWOS
Takes advantage of 4 letters USES
Sticky stuff 4 letters GUNK
Marvel hero Shang-___ 3 letters CHI
Cardi B genre 3 letters RAP
Knives Out star de Armas 3 letters ANA

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