USA Today Crossword January 15 2022 Answers

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USA Today Crossword January 15 2022 Answers:

Besties 4 letters BFFS
ArchCity Defenders’ city briefly 3 letters STL
My amiga’s 4 letters HERS
Cyan relative 4 letters TEAL
Without toppings 5 letters PLAIN
Figure skating jump 4 letters AXEL
Walk through water 4 letters WADE
Beth Carvalho’s genre 5 letters SAMBA
Mona ___ 4 letters LISA
Historic home of the Ojibwe and Metis on the U.S./Canada border 14 letters REDRIVERVALLEY
Grind together 5 letters GNASH
Travel the ocean 4 letters SAIL
Martians e.g. (Abbr.) 3 letters ETS
Graphic novel sound effect 3 letters POW
I ___ you one! 3 letters OWE
Chicas 4 letters GALS
Part of the Big Dipper 4 letters STAR
Defib expert 3 letters EMT
Te ___ (I love you) 3 letters AMO
Old Faithful’s park 11 letters YELLOWSTONE
Ctrl-Alt-___ 3 letters DEL
State west of 46-Across for short 3 letters ORE
15th-century Quechua people 4 letters INCA
Water surrounding a castle 4 letters MOAT
Potato state (Abbr.) 3 letters IDA
Nonverbal greeting 3 letters NOD
Had some bibimbap 3 letters ATE
Tears to pieces 4 letters RIPS
Tends to risotto 5 letters STIRS
Vermont range 14 letters GREENMOUNTAINS
Singer Marley 4 letters RITA
Money in Ireland 5 letters EUROS
Not too many 4 letters AFEW
Big Australian birds 4 letters EMUS
Lose all moisture 5 letters DRYUP
The R of RBG 4 letters RUTH
One of six awarded to Maya Moore 4 letters ESPY
Word before Jose or Juan 3 letters SAN
And . . . 4 letters ALSO
Letters before a heads-up 3 letters BTW
No need to be afraid 7 letters FEARNOT
Diminish gradually 8 letters FADEAWAY
Toboggans and luges 5 letters SLEDS
Rusyn or Croat e.g. 4 letters SLAV
Makes less wild 5 letters TAMES
Zodiac symbol with scales 5 letters LIBRA
Abolitionist Prince 4 letters HALL
Banishes 6 letters EXILES
Turn back to zero 5 letters RESET
Totally crushes it 5 letters SLAYS
Trident-shaped Greek letter 3 letters PSI
Used a map 9 letters NAVIGATED
Only Greek letter ending in o 3 letters RHO
Rental car brand 5 letters ALAMO
Device that tells you where to go 3 letters GPS
Happening at an opportune moment 9 letters WELLTIMED
Music genre related to skramz 3 letters EMO
Comedian Love 4 letters LONI
Have another go at 4 letters REDO
Walk ___ Moons (Creech novel) 3 letters TWO
Come to know 5 letters LEARN
___ Lanka 3 letters SRI
Edward at the helm of British Vogue 8 letters ENNINFUL
Ren faire garments that are laced up 7 letters CORSETS
Sponsored posts e.g. 3 letters ADS
Get together 6 letters MEETUP
Happy ___ clam 3 letters ASA
Concur 5 letters AGREE
Haircuts that remove split ends 5 letters TRIMS
Rains hard 5 letters POURS
Bonaly who’s the only Olympic skater to land a backflip on one blade 5 letters SURYA
Red carpet headpiece 5 letters TIARA
Far from difficult 4 letters EASY
An adjective modifies one 4 letters NOUN
Baking measurement (Abbr.) 3 letters TSP
One of the five W’s 3 letters WHO

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