USA Today Crossword January 14 2022 Answers

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USA Today Crossword January 14 2022 Answers:

Pear variety 4 letters BOSC
Like venison 4 letters GAMY
URL opener 4 letters HTTP
More accurate 5 letters TRUER
Indiana’s neighbor 4 letters OHIO
Wow it’s you! 4 letters OHHI
Browsing the net 10 letters WEBSURFING
Noticed 4 letters SEEN
Turquoise-like hue 4 letters TEAL
All Too Well singer to fans 6 letters TAYTAY
Undesired stocking stuffer 4 letters COAL
Color similar to beige 3 letters TAN
Used some glue 6 letters PASTED
Diamond weight 5 letters CARAT
___ Means Amen (Sierra DeMulder book) 5 letters TODAY
When will you be here? 3 letters ETA
Plant-based sweetener 6 letters STEVIA
Bargain receptacle 3 letters BIN
Very dry 4 letters ARID
Free-roaming horse of the American West 11 letters WILDMUSTANG
Grandmother Willow e.g. 4 letters TREE
Dubai’s country (Abbr.) 3 letters UAE
Glossy fabric 6 letters SATEEN
Roadside assistance grp. 3 letters AAA
Genetic copy 5 letters CLONE
Looks for 5 letters SEEKS
Ready for the challenge 6 letters UPTOIT
Eggs that can be frozen 3 letters OVA
Furniture store with a food court 4 letters IKEA
Flail 6 letters THRASH
Sportscaster Andrews 4 letters ERIN
Opera highlight 4 letters ARIA
Hitting the jackpot 10 letters WINNINGBIG
Dryer schmutz 4 letters LINT
Some savings plans 4 letters IRAS
Smoothly charming 5 letters SUAVE
Front balcony section 4 letters LOGE
Workplace note 4 letters MEMO
Megan Falley creation 4 letters POEM
Just one more thing . . . in texts 3 letters BTW
Mined rock 3 letters ORE
The Crew: Mission Deep Sea vessel informally 3 letters SUB
That’s just how it goes 9 letters CESTLAVIE
Lose carbonation 6 letters GOFLAT
Tuna variety 3 letters AHI
Common mouthwash flavor 4 letters MINT
Athleisure made for posing 9 letters YOGAPANTS
Emcees 5 letters HOSTS
Person with a Playbill collection 11 letters THEATERGEEK
Bigfoot 7 letters THEYETI
ATM code 3 letters PIN
Lament 3 letters RUE
Sewer scurrier 3 letters RAT
Woohoo! 3 letters YAY
Includes on an email thread 3 letters CCS
Nondairy milk source 3 letters OAT
Can you define this relationship please? 11 letters AREWEATHING
Not good in faux Spanish 7 letters NOBUENO
Pop’s partner 3 letters DAD
Shop ___ You Drop 3 letters TIL
Prefix for appear 3 letters DIS
Late-night programming block on Cartoon Network 9 letters ADULTSWIM
Paying to play poker 9 letters ANTEINGUP
Card game with unspoken rules 3 letters MAO
Common batteries 3 letters AAS
Greek T 3 letters TAU
Three-person hip-hop group 7 letters RAPTRIO
___ out a win 3 letters EKE
Cryptanalysis org. 3 letters NSA
Spy org. 3 letters CIA
That being said . . . 6 letters EVENSO
Give a speech 5 letters ORATE
Name hidden in Costa Rica 3 letters ARI
Add to the payroll 4 letters HIRE
Industry connections 3 letters INS
Every part 3 letters ALL
Founder of video art Paik ___ June 3 letters NAM
Steamed bun 3 letters BAO
___ been thinking . . . 3 letters IVE
Amethyst e.g. 3 letters GEM

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