USA Today Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Arrange from newest to oldest say 4 letters SORT
Leave alone 5 letters LETBE
Ferret out 4 letters FIND
___ tea (redundant phrase) 4 letters CHAI
Name hidden across more than one word in this clue 5 letters ETHAN
Innovator’s spark 4 letters IDEA
Let’s do it! 4 letters IMIN
Sharply bitter 5 letters ACRID
Untidy sort 4 letters SLOB
Season ticket holders e.g. 4 letters FANS
Passport part 5 letters PHOTO
Female chickens 4 letters HENS
Dream up 6 letters INVENT
Triumphant team’s exclamation 5 letters WEWON
Taproom offering 3 letters ALE
Trip source 3 letters LSD
Keep at bay 5 letters REPEL
Punkie Johnson’s show for short 3 letters SNL
Slow down! 4 letters WHOA
Aqualung band ___ Tull 6 letters JETHRO
Artificially inflate 3 letters PAD
#nofilter for example 7 letters HASHTAG
Word after castor or canola 3 letters OIL
Password partner 6 letters USERID
Spiritual energy field 4 letters AURA
Anago is the saltwater kind of it 3 letters EEL
___ Tongue (3-Down web series) 5 letters RAZOR
Halfway between noon and midnight 3 letters SIX
Catch 3 letters NAB
Lawful 5 letters LEGAL
Shade of green 6 letters FOREST
Close tightly 4 letters SEAL
Afro-Cuban dance 5 letters RUMBA
Capital home to the Vigeland Museum 4 letters OSLO
Low-___ diet 4 letters CARB
Video game pioneer 5 letters ATARI
Foot or meter 4 letters UNIT
Home to Lebanon and Laos 4 letters ASIA
Commendable quality 5 letters MERIT
Indefinite quantity 4 letters SOME
Grizzly e.g. 4 letters BEAR
Behavioral science major for short 5 letters PSYCH
Females in a flock 4 letters EWES
Octavia Butler genre 5 letters SCIFI
Wow 5 letters OHMAN
Ryans star 10 letters RAINVALDEZ
Sparkly strands on a tree 6 letters TINSEL
Performed a jete 5 letters LEAPT
___ A Sketch 4 letters ETCH
Goes big out of desperation 15 letters THROWSAHAILMARY
Annoyed intentionally 6 letters BAITED
Supply money for 5 letters ENDOW
Meshy fabric 7 letters FISHNET
Unbusy 4 letters IDLE
Tenth element 4 letters NEON
Touches with a cotton ball say 4 letters DABS
One completing a W-4 form perhaps 7 letters NEWHIRE
Herb that starts and ends with the same letter 7 letters OREGANO
___ Rios (region of Chile) 3 letters LOS
Poetry Man singer 10 letters PHOEBESNOW
Lake that’s the E in HOMES 4 letters ERIE
Droop 4 letters LOLL
___-of-the-moment 4 letters SPUR
Org. with an Artemis spaceflight program 4 letters NASA
Was in possession of 3 letters HAD
Jam container 3 letters JAR
Red carpet rental for short 3 letters TUX
Race car safety feature 7 letters ROLLBAR
Browns over high heat 6 letters SAUTES
Excite 6 letters AROUSE
Pop’s pop 5 letters GRAMP
Futurist Popcorn 5 letters FAITH
Nickelodeon goo 5 letters SLIME
Bags with handles 5 letters TOTES
Sign of healing 4 letters SCAB
Absence of difficulty 4 letters EASE
Solo for Sawsan Al Bahiti 4 letters ARIA
___-a-brac (tchotchkes) 4 letters BRIC

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