USA Today Crossword January 13 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword January 13 2021 Answers:

___ California Mexico 4 letters BAJA
Numbered composition 4 letters OPUS
Amex competitor 4 letters CITI
Maryam Mirzakhani’s birth country 4 letters IRAN
Totally nonsensical 5 letters INANE
Noodle eaten with mentsuyu 4 letters UDON
Aid for a shopper 4 letters LIST
Tall thin person 10 letters STRINGBEAN
On the ___ (fleeing) 3 letters LAM
Aspiring attorney’s exam 4 letters LSAT
Fears intensely 6 letters DREADS
Cut into pieces 7 letters SLICEUP
Was deceitful 4 letters LIED
City in western Alaska 4 letters NOME
Voicemail prompt 4 letters TONE
Sriracha color 3 letters RED
Art ___ (Roaring Twenties style) 4 letters DECO
Peaceful hand gesture 5 letters VSIGN
Rowboat propeller 3 letters OAR
Toddler’s four-wheeler 5 letters WAGON
Actor Alexander 3 letters IAN
Reasons for cram sessions 5 letters TESTS
T.A.’s email address ending 3 letters EDU
Clairvoyants 5 letters SEERS
Colors 4 letters HUES
Chesapeake e.g. 3 letters BAY
___ your day so far? 4 letters HOWS
Dinner table sound 4 letters BURP
Prohibitions 4 letters BANS
Expresses sorrow about 7 letters BEMOANS
Hollywood awards 6 letters OSCARS
Blurt out secrets 4 letters BLAB
Dark bread grain 3 letters RYE
Look surreptitiously 10 letters SNEAKAPEEK
Star-studded fundraiser perhaps 4 letters GALA
Rich deposit 4 letters LODE
___ Who’s Coming to Dinner 5 letters GUESS
Landfill emanation 4 letters ODOR
Had to repay 4 letters OWED
Makes a decision 4 letters OPTS
Cards below jacks 4 letters TENS
Wallet fillers 5 letters BILLS
Sans-serif font 5 letters ARIAL
Actress with six consecutive NAACP Image Awards 10 letters JASMINEGUY
Insect with two stomachs 3 letters ANT
Available if needed 5 letters ONTAP
Auto shop purchase 4 letters PART
Prefix similar to mono 3 letters UNI
Shipping out 7 letters SENDING
Like tofu in miso soup 5 letters CUBED
Concept 4 letters IDEA
Cricket-loving amphibian 4 letters TOAD
Rustic stopovers 4 letters INNS
Matter in dispute 5 letters ISSUE
Knack for gardening 10 letters GREENTHUMB
Subtropical ocean predator 10 letters LEMONSHARK
Let It Shine actress Jones 4 letters COCO
Butcher shop cuts 5 letters LOINS
Pre-1917 monarchs 5 letters TSARS
Floral procession in Pasadena 10 letters ROSEPARADE
Enjoys some vada pav say 4 letters EATS
Pulmonologists e.g. (Abbr.) 3 letters DRS
Father to a baby 4 letters DADA
Personal opinions 5 letters VIEWS
Spider’s trap 3 letters WEB
Currency in Latvia 4 letters EURO
Far from recently 7 letters EONSAGO
Young puffins have colorful ones 5 letters BEAKS
Sounded like a sheep 5 letters BAAED
___ your heart! 5 letters BLESS
Yoga pants material 5 letters NYLON
Blackens on the grill 5 letters SEARS
Norway’s largest city 4 letters OSLO
Kangchenjunga covering 4 letters SNOW
Relinquish 4 letters CEDE
Rosolli veggie 4 letters BEET
Baby coyote 3 letters PUP
Comprehended 3 letters GOT

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