USA Today Crossword February 3 2023 Answers

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USA Today Crossword February 3 2023 Answers:

Like the numbers 11 13 and 17 5 letters PRIME
Walk On By or Move On Up 4 letters SONG
Officewide note 4 letters MEMO
Counterpart of urban 5 letters RURAL
Person on a poster 4 letters IDOL
Zodiac bovines 4 letters OXEN
Heart Hands or Saluting Face 5 letters EMOJI
___ stick (bouncy toy) 4 letters POGO
End of a chess game 4 letters MATE
Sure I can take care of that! 11 letters NOTAPROBLEM
Depend 4 letters RELY
Viewed 4 letters SEEN
The Red Planet 4 letters MARS
Cooling devices in windows for short 3 letters ACS
Genre involving humorous social criticism 6 letters SATIRE
Without further ___ . . . 3 letters ADO
Dare alternative 5 letters TRUTH
Guys 5 letters DUDES
Process that increases a house’s value 15 letters HOMEIMPROVEMENT
Long Muslim robe 5 letters ABAYA
Use as a perch 5 letters SITON
Broke a fast 3 letters ATE
People who avoid social interaction 6 letters LONERS
S.F. time zone 3 letters PST
What ___ is there to say? 4 letters ELSE
Back muscles for short 4 letters LATS
Rip 4 letters TEAR
Medication in abortion pills 11 letters MISOPROSTOL
Word of comparison 4 letters THAN
What do you ___ by that? 4 letters MEAN
French farewell 5 letters ADIEU
Move like slime 4 letters OOZE
Tempo 4 letters PACE
Marsh grasses 5 letters REEDS
Social equal 4 letters PEER
The ___ the limit! 4 letters SKYS
Magazine release 5 letters ISSUE
___-K 3 letters PRE
Ingredient in black cake 3 letters RUM
Element in stainless steel 4 letters IRON
Actor Jonathan 6 letters MAJORS
Top-tier 5 letters ELITE
Chalices for toddlers 9 letters SIPPYCUPS
Smell 4 letters ODOR
They aren’t going to happen 5 letters NOGOS
Spherical maps 6 letters GLOBES
What a boulder rolling downhill gains 8 letters MOMENTUM
School test 4 letters EXAM
Encountered 3 letters MET
Number on a foam finger 3 letters ONE
Something set before going to bed 5 letters ALARM
Heavy 6 letters LEADEN
Taj ___ 5 letters MAHAL
Filipino stew 5 letters ADOBO
Like the numerals V and X 5 letters ROMAN
Get naked 5 letters STRIP
Best possible 5 letters IDEAL
Pays to borrow 5 letters RENTS
___ Lauder 5 letters ESTEE
Sparkly crowns 6 letters TIARAS
Massage rocks 9 letters HOTSTONES
Winged makeup 8 letters EYELINER
They’re counted on Election Day 5 letters VOTES
Walks like Godzilla 6 letters STOMPS
Undermines 6 letters ERODES
Be fluent in 5 letters SPEAK
Video game company that made Pong 5 letters ATARI
Puzzle with paths 4 letters MAZE
Risque 4 letters RACY
Claims that won’t pass a fact check 4 letters LIES
Uppermost part 3 letters TOP
Long-handled gardening tool 3 letters HOE
www.famu.___ 3 letters EDU
Capitalize on 3 letters USE

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