USA Today Crossword February 28 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword February 28 2021 Answers:

Nah I’m good 4 letters PASS
Stinging comment 4 letters BARB
Sand ___ (golf hazard) 4 letters TRAP
Totally impressive 4 letters EPIC
Poem about the Trojan War 5 letters ILIAD
Jang uh gui fish 4 letters EELS
Recycling bin item 10 letters SODABOTTLE
Insects known to take power naps 4 letters ANTS
Anna Netrebko’s music 5 letters OPERA
With ___ due respect . . . 3 letters ALL
Taro or turnip 4 letters ROOT
Diamond theft e.g. 5 letters HEIST
Slightly 4 letters ATAD
Sch. in OK 3 letters OSU
Resided in a foreign country 11 letters LIVEDABROAD
Face covering 4 letters MASK
Way cool! 3 letters RAD
Chocolaty drink with marshmallows 5 letters COCOA
Puri flour 4 letters ATTA
Pasek and Paul musical with the song Lying There 5 letters EDGES
Brand of shampoo 4 letters PERT
Big name in wafers 5 letters NILLA
So cute! 3 letters AWW
Make full 4 letters SATE
Words from the weary 11 letters INEEDABREAK
Rodeo singer Lil ___ X 3 letters NAS
Word after access or area 4 letters CODE
Matches audio and video 5 letters SYNCS
Something often made with closed eyes 4 letters WISH
Tuskegee’s state (Abbr.) 3 letters ALA
Get ___ here! 5 letters OUTTA
Start-of-spring festival 4 letters HOLI
Bamboo-loving animals 10 letters PANDABEARS
On 4 letters ATOP
Person with a lot of power in their industry 5 letters TITAN
That’s just the way ___ 4 letters ITIS
File folder parts 4 letters TABS
Depend 4 letters RELY
Deli counter call 4 letters NEXT
Chilean coin 4 letters PESO
Each 4 letters APOP
Source of extra income 10 letters SIDEHUSTLE
Frighten 5 letters SCARE
About Me blurb 3 letters BIO
Key on either side of a spacebar 3 letters ALT
Now and Then actress Wilson 4 letters RITA
Song to slow-dance to 6 letters BALLAD
___ on My Guitar (Taylor Swift song) 9 letters TEARDROPS
Nevada city 4 letters RENO
Oleta Adams vocal range 4 letters ALTO
Subtle Hey you! 4 letters PSST
Fourth Greek letter 5 letters DELTA
Flake out 4 letters BAIL
Foal’s father 4 letters SIRE
Commercial during a sitcom 4 letters TVAD
Grey’s Anatomy channel 3 letters ABC
Resident of Yemen’s northeastern neighbor 5 letters OMANI
Lustrous fabric 5 letters SATIN
Name that’s grade rearranged 5 letters EDGAR
Nickname for Rhode Island 10 letters OCEANSTATE
Vital blood vessel 5 letters AORTA
Fruits in ma’amoul 5 letters DATES
Crunchy veggie snack 9 letters KALECHIPS
Lambs’ mothers 4 letters EWES
Persuade 4 letters SWAY
Brouhaha 3 letters ADO
Adjust to the times 5 letters ADAPT
Fresh Prince neighborhood 6 letters BELAIR
Part of a drawer 4 letters KNOB
Give information to 5 letters CUEIN
Excuse me? 4 letters WHAT
Seventh Greek letter 4 letters IOTA
Messy person 4 letters SLOB
Upping the ___ 4 letters ANTE
Fruity cereal with a rabbit mascot 4 letters TRIX
Aide (Abbr.) 4 letters ASST
Dish often garnished with tadka 3 letters DAL
___ word yet? 3 letters ANY

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