USA Today Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Good smell 5 letters AROMA
Aloo ___ (potato and cauliflower dish) 4 letters GOBI
Unwitting tool 4 letters PAWN
Not urban 5 letters RURAL
Neighbor of Yemen 4 letters OMAN
Repeating sound effect 4 letters ECHO
Unmoving 5 letters INERT
Comedy routine parts 4 letters BITS
Pity! 4 letters ALAS
If I’m being honest . . . 14 letters TOTELLTHETRUTH
Regret 3 letters RUE
Kite part 4 letters TAIL
Tom Hanks title role 11 letters FORRESTGUMP
Comprehend 3 letters GET
An adequate amount 6 letters ENOUGH
Crunched muscles 3 letters ABS
Char 4 letters SEAR
I love you in Spanish 5 letters TEAMO
Vienna’s country (Abbr.) 3 letters AUS
Hint of color 5 letters TINGE
BMW competitor 4 letters AUDI
Flat-faced dog breed 3 letters PUG
Bachelor’s e.g. 6 letters DEGREE
Records with a speed of 33 1/3 rpm 3 letters LPS
Predecessors 11 letters FORERUNNERS
___ d’Ivoire 4 letters COTE
Hit on a calculator 3 letters ADD
Oh give me a break! 14 letters FORHEAVENSSAKE
Instrument that represents the duck in Peter and the Wolf 4 letters OBOE
Audacious 4 letters BOLD
Sheep sound 5 letters BLEAT
A reduced amount 4 letters LESS
Stitch’s movie pal 4 letters LILO
Houston baseball player 5 letters ASTRO
Henna etc. 4 letters DYES
History class units 4 letters ERAS
Rule the ___ 5 letters ROOST
Phoenix’s state on scoreboards 3 letters ARI
Smallest in a litter 4 letters RUNT
Cookie with a 2020 rainbow edition 4 letters OREO
Gas station store 4 letters MART
Ms. Marvel for Kamala Khan 8 letters ALTEREGO
Chalice 6 letters GOBLET
Not mention 4 letters OMIT
They may have claw feet 8 letters BATHTUBS
Pants length measurements 7 letters INSEAMS
Gem made in an oyster 5 letters PEARL
Reproductive Freedom Project org. 4 letters ACLU
First word of many Jeopardy! responses 4 letters WHAT
Eat 4 letters NOSH
Like some vegetation 4 letters LUSH
Word after pro or hot 3 letters TIP
In the ___ position 5 letters FETAL
Outdo 5 letters ONEUP
Places for medians 5 letters ROADS
Thirteenth-century Persian poet 4 letters RUMI
Device in a cockpit 5 letters GAUGE
Music category 5 letters GENRE
Raring to go 5 letters EAGER
Plants with rings 5 letters TREES
Use BASL 4 letters SIGN
French farewell 8 letters AUREVOIR
Slings drinks 8 letters TENDSBAR
Safe to drink 7 letters POTABLE
Milk ___ (caramel candies) 4 letters DUDS
Enemy 3 letters FOE
Total strangers 6 letters RANDOS
Nona Gaprindashvili’s game 5 letters CHESS
Give in 4 letters FOLD
Follow the rules 4 letters OBEY
Got higher 4 letters ROSE
Jazz singer Fitzgerald 4 letters ELLA
To boot 4 letters ALSO
High-fat low-carb diet 4 letters KETO
Maize units 4 letters EARS
Tater ___ 3 letters TOT

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