USA Today Crossword February 22 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword February 22 2021 Answers:

T.A.’s boss 4 letters PROF
Messes up 4 letters ERRS
Pistachio or pecan 3 letters NUT
The ___ Chablis aka the Grand Empress of Savannah 4 letters LADY
___ through the motions 5 letters GOING
Bit of trickery 4 letters RUSE
Dark purple berry 4 letters ACAI
Basketball player Marc or Pau 5 letters GASOL
Right on! 4 letters AMEN
Both N’s in NY NY 3 letters NEW
Have an amazingly positive effect 11 letters WORKWONDERS
Call during a curtain call 5 letters BRAVO
Reassurance after a promise 6 letters ISWEAR
Wooden box 5 letters CRATE
Bits of rain 5 letters DROPS
Support for some athletes 10 letters SPORTSBRAS
Web address 3 letters URL
Actress Tyler 3 letters LIV
Killing Me Softly With ___ Song 3 letters HIS
Counterparts of downs 3 letters UPS
Little Woods director DaCosta 3 letters NIA
Consumed 3 letters ATE
Powerful attack in Dragon Ball 10 letters SPIRITBOMB
Coat for freezing weather 5 letters PARKA
Name akin to Matthew 5 letters MATEO
Share on social media 6 letters REPOST
Tennis champ and activist Osaka 5 letters NAOMI
Instrument that uses rolls 11 letters PLAYERPIANO
Go bad 3 letters ROT
Flatbread variety 4 letters ROTI
Around datewise 5 letters CIRCA
Pulldown muscles for short 4 letters LATS
Like some odds oxymoronically 4 letters EVEN
Concert site 5 letters ARENA
Hughes poem associated with the Harlem Renaissance 4 letters ITOO
Men in Black chief 3 letters ZED
Paradise Lost garden 4 letters EDEN
Bonus 4 letters PERK
Fallback option 5 letters PLANB
Formula One participant 5 letters RACER
Eastern Woodlands people 5 letters ODAWA
Letters before a heads-up 3 letters FYI
Frozen waffle brand 4 letters EGGO
Sound from a loud crowd 4 letters ROAR
More dangerous 7 letters RISKIER
Comes down in flakes 5 letters SNOWS
Important person 9 letters NUMEROUNO
Wi-Fi patron 4 letters USER
Starting scores in gymnastics 4 letters TENS
Radiate 4 letters GLOW
Fly under the ___ 5 letters RADAR
Value 5 letters WORTH
Friend of Nancy Drew 3 letters NED
Old tape player 3 letters VCR
Yard sale caveat 4 letters ASIS
One-sixteenth cup (Abbr.) 4 letters TBSP
___ and proper 4 letters PRIM
Generous slice 4 letters SLAB
___ bass (music technique) 4 letters SLAP
Flatbread variety 4 letters PITA
Not worth the hype 9 letters OVERRATED
Distinctive vibe 4 letters AURA
C’mon ___ it out! 4 letters SPIT
Person taking dictation for short 5 letters STENO
Can we go home now? 7 letters IMTIRED
Constricting snake 3 letters BOA
Enter on a computer 5 letters KEYIN
Gibbon or gorilla 3 letters APE
Largest dolphin species 4 letters ORCA
Tip of a steeple 5 letters SPIRE
Deliver a keynote e.g. 5 letters ORATE
Prefix for boat 5 letters MOTOR
There there 5 letters ITSOK
Veep’s boss 4 letters PREZ
___ at first sight 4 letters LOVE
PMS symptom 4 letters ACNE
Flatbread variety 4 letters NAAN
Place for ChapStick 3 letters LIP

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