USA Today Crossword August 6 2022 Answers

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USA Today Crossword August 6 2022 Answers:

Bubble rapidly like water 4 letters BOIL
Awesome! 3 letters RAD
Top choice for short 4 letters FAVE
You doubting me? 5 letters CANTI
Road rage emotion 4 letters FURY
Unit counted at a checkout counter 4 letters ITEM
Typical 5 letters USUAL
A single time 4 letters ONCE
Action word 4 letters VERB
___ coil (electrical device) 5 letters TESLA
Cigar residue 3 letters ASH
Throw with effort 5 letters HEAVE
Here’s an interesting article y’all might not have seen in online shorthand 5 letters ICYMI
Egg-hunting holiday 6 letters EASTER
Origami fold 6 letters CREASE
Button on a payment touch screen 5 letters NOTIP
French ___ (brass instrument) 4 letters HORN
Neon aquarium fish 5 letters TETRA
Notion 4 letters IDEA
Surrounded by 4 letters AMID
Sara Ramirez’s character in And Just Like That . . . 3 letters CHE
Gently persuade 4 letters COAX
Jury member 4 letters PEER
The ones here 5 letters THESE
What ___ can I say? 4 letters ELSE
It’s the ___ an era 5 letters ENDOF
Trees tapped for syrup 6 letters MAPLES
Taco Tuesday sauces 6 letters SALSAS
Houston MLB player 5 letters ASTRO
Object that makes a rainbow 5 letters PRISM
Upscale German car 3 letters BMW
Spiral-cut drink garnish 5 letters TWIST
Asgardian god of mischief 4 letters LOKI
Solo at the Met 4 letters ARIA
State with a potato museum 5 letters IDAHO
Too true! 4 letters AMEN
Clobber with snowballs say 4 letters PELT
Smoothly transition 5 letters SEGUE
Masculine principle in Chinese philosophy 4 letters YANG
Pick up the check 3 letters PAY
Medium gait for a horse 4 letters TROT
Acid’s opposite 4 letters BASE
Large burden 4 letters ONUS
Salad condiment with oil and vinegar 15 letters ITALIANDRESSING
Fragrant purple flowers 6 letters LILACS
Gets passed from generation to generation 15 letters RUNSINTHEFAMILY
Curved part of the foot 4 letters ARCH
Henna e.g. 3 letters DYE
Mixture used in Chinese cuisine 15 letters FIVESPICEPOWDER
Really bothered 5 letters ATEAT
Enthusiasm 5 letters VERVE
Glowing coal 5 letters EMBER
What scissors do 3 letters CUT
Top of a cappuccino 4 letters FOAM
Yes in Japanese 3 letters HAI
Up to now 3 letters YET
when r u getting here? 3 letters ETA
British fellow 4 letters CHAP
City with the Colosseum 4 letters ROME
Buffalo’s Great Lake 4 letters ERIE
Mine extractions 4 letters ORES
Reverberate 4 letters ECHO
Kachina ___ (Hopi carving) 4 letters DOLL
Reduce the difficulty of 4 letters EASE
Chopping tools 4 letters AXES
What QBs’ passes might lead to 3 letters TDS
First responder often 3 letters EMT
___ pla (Thai fish sauce) 3 letters NAM
Faith Ringgold e.g. 6 letters ARTIST
Spread like fingers 5 letters SPLAY
Enticing scent 5 letters AROMA
Compare 5 letters LIKEN
Hit at a fly 4 letters SWAT
La ___ Tar Pits 4 letters BREA
Shakespeare villain 4 letters IAGO
Closed 4 letters SHUT
Digit in a sock 3 letters TOE
TikTok or Twitter e.g. 3 letters APP

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