USA Today Crossword August 5 2022 Answers

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USA Today Crossword August 5 2022 Answers:

Virgin Island on which Charlotte Amalie is located 8 letters STTHOMAS
Go together well 4 letters MESH
Able to be understood 8 letters COHERENT
It’s fun to stay at the ___ 4 letters YMCA
Public test versions of software 9 letters OPENBETAS
___-of-the-moment 4 letters SPUR
Nobody ___ Baby in a corner 4 letters PUTS
Garment with a pencil variety 5 letters SKIRT
Skin designs for short 4 letters TATS
Like cvtvhakv 5 letters CREEK
Feature of the word ghastly 7 letters SILENTH
Nine-digit ID for short 3 letters SSN
Unit of land size 4 letters ACRE
What a team leader might try to boost 6 letters MORALE
Phrase said while raising a glass 6 letters ATOAST
Double-___ (two-section mobile homes) 5 letters WIDES
Lambda-winning Da’Shaun L. Harrison book 15 letters BELLYOFTHEBEAST
Steer clear of 5 letters AVOID
Human trunks 6 letters TORSOS
I don’t want to hear this! 6 letters SAVEIT
Chop ___ (American Chinese dish) 4 letters SUEY
Hosts 3 letters MCS
Narrow 7 letters SLENDER
Say something 5 letters SPEAK
De Cierta Manera country 4 letters CUBA
Direction opposite sur 5 letters NORTE
State capital with an annual auto race for short 4 letters INDY
Cafe au ___ 4 letters LAIT
Civil rights leader known for her work with the Little Rock Nine 10 letters DAISYBATES
Raison d’___ 4 letters ETRE
Instrument with keys 8 letters CLARINET
Government agents 4 letters FEDS
Wish me luck . . . 8 letters HEREGOES
Searches thoroughly 6 letters SCOURS
List of the best 6 letters TOPTEN
This and this 5 letters THESE
Coop occupant 3 letters HEN
Round objects 4 letters ORBS
Unassuming 4 letters MEEK
Not pro- 4 letters ANTI
Rating symbols 5 letters STARS
Stories with culprits 9 letters MYSTERIES
A domino one is filled with black beans and cheese 8 letters EMPANADA
Scurries or destroys 8 letters SCUTTLES
Most severe 8 letters HARSHEST
Hand-flapping or listening to a song on repeat for example 4 letters STIM
Some computers 3 letters PCS
Insect similar to a cricket 7 letters KATYDID
Pieces of furniture with short legs 7 letters LOWBOYS
Talk sweetly 3 letters COO
Whitewater vessel 4 letters RAFT
Spanish for 3-Down 5 letters ESTOS
Loses as a supporter 9 letters ALIENATES
Drive-___ 4 letters THRU
Ear-shaped musical symbol 8 letters BASSCLEF
Assess 8 letters EVALUATE
Animal that puts the pair in parrot 8 letters LOVEBIRD
Suffix for Taiwan 3 letters ESE
___ to (take care of) 4 letters TEND
Person receiving one-on-one guidance 6 letters MENTEE
Starfleet Academy students 6 letters CADETS
The ___ the limit! 4 letters SKYS
Insect similar to a termite 5 letters ROACH
Instrument with keys 5 letters PIANO
Make angry 4 letters RILE
Old title derived from Caesar 4 letters TSAR
Jane ___ 4 letters EYRE
Really important 3 letters BIG

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