USA Today Crossword August 4 2022 Answers

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USA Today Crossword August 4 2022 Answers:

50% 4 letters HALF
Hollow singer Kelly 4 letters TORI
Egg-shaped fruit with little black seeds 4 letters KIWI
Like some Ph.D. students’ exams 4 letters ORAL
Once ___ a time 4 letters UPON
___ rose has its thorn 5 letters EVERY
Heading for a checklist 4 letters TODO
Relax 4 letters REST
Unsettling and weird 5 letters EERIE
American Chinese restaurant chain with a black white and red logo 12 letters PANDAEXPRESS
Light show components 6 letters LASERS
Star Wars heroine 3 letters REY
Part of a security system 5 letters ALARM
Gay icon Marilyn 6 letters MONROE
City aka the Big Easy 4 letters NOLA
Vessel for frying 3 letters PAN
Charlottesville school for short 3 letters UVA
Two in Spanish 3 letters DOS
Formal garment 10 letters PARTYDRESS
Widely known 6 letters FAMOUS
Lip balm brand 3 letters EOS
One of 88 on a piano 3 letters KEY
Wise bird 3 letters OWL
Wise person 4 letters SAGE
Actress de la Reguera 3 letters ANA
We want you to show up! 4 letters COME
Cheerleader’s syllable 3 letters RAH
Trick-or-treater’s haul 5 letters CANDY
Office game involving a wastebasket 9 letters PAPERTOSS
r u serious? 3 letters RLY
Sign of the future 4 letters OMEN
Hawaiian island home to the Byodo-In temple 4 letters OAHU
Secretly marry 5 letters ELOPE
Pre-Easter period 4 letters LENT
Pre-1917 Russian ruler 4 letters TSAR
Product in printing or skin care 5 letters TONER
I’m at a ___ for words 4 letters LOSS
Eyelid problem 4 letters STYE
Say $%$#! 5 letters SWEAR
Like ghost peppers 3 letters HOT
Aromantic for short 3 letters ARO
Young fellow 3 letters LAD
Artist’s floundering phase 7 letters FLOPERA
Goes left or right 5 letters TURNS
Essay arguing for reparations perhaps 4 letters OPED
Activist Parks 4 letters ROSA
First-year medical resident 6 letters INTERN
Fine don’t tell me how it’s done! 15 letters KEEPYOURSECRETS
Indie band Bon ___ 4 letters IVER
Aren’t anymore 4 letters WERE
Colorful eye part 4 letters IRIS
Absolutely! 3 letters YES
Claw machine part 3 letters ARM
Gen ___ (millennial’s parent) 3 letters XER
Native ___ (app showing maps of Indigenous territories) 4 letters LAND
Emotionally disengaged 5 letters ALOOF
Pico de gallo e.g. 5 letters SALSA
The Red Planet 4 letters MARS
Taking testosterone for short 3 letters ONT
Night before a holiday 3 letters EVE
NBA star Chris 4 letters PAUL
Tons of people would agree with me! 9 letters ASKANYONE
Word after Black or Red 5 letters POWER
OK I’ll do it 8 letters YEAHSURE
Shih Tzu e.g. 3 letters DOG
Put in the mail 4 letters SEND
Brief points in time 7 letters MOMENTS
That’s amazing!! 3 letters YAY
Strut confidently 6 letters SASHAY
Small role for a big star 5 letters CAMEO
Performs before the main act 5 letters OPENS
Cook over a fire 5 letters ROAST
Permit 5 letters ALLOW
Survey 4 letters POLL
Tater ___ 4 letters TOTS
Veggie in a pod 3 letters PEA
Mess up 3 letters ERR

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