USA Today Crossword August 3 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword August 3 2021 Answers:

Word after candy or pullup 3 letters BAR
Place that rhymes with aah fittingly 3 letters SPA
100 gecs singer/producer ___ Les 5 letters LAURA
War god and son of Hera 4 letters ARES
Shortly 4 letters SOON
Detour sign symbol 5 letters ARROW
Lone 4 letters SOLE
Offended 4 letters HURT
Muscle-to-bone connector 5 letters SINEW
Ooh tell me more! 12 letters IMINTERESTED
Drink that may be flavored with cardamom 5 letters LASSI
Fly high 4 letters SOAR
Kimono sash 3 letters OBI
Bedding often made of flannel or silk 6 letters SHEETS
Spot for jottings 7 letters NOTEPAD
Disney character who sings Let It Go 4 letters ELSA
Even slightly 5 letters ATALL
At risk of being towed 15 letters PARKEDILLEGALLY
To no ___ (ineffectively) 5 letters AVAIL
Subpar 4 letters POOR
Denounce 7 letters CONDEMN
Philly Flyers mascot 6 letters GRITTY
Explosive initials 3 letters TNT
Travel document 4 letters VISA
Black Panther hat 5 letters BERET
Nutritionist’s recs 12 letters HEALTHYMEALS
Lincoln Logs structure 5 letters CABIN
Got it 4 letters ISEE
Alma mater of Juan Felipe Herrera 4 letters UCLA
Actor’s rep 5 letters AGENT
University bigwig 4 letters DEAN
Classmate for example 4 letters PEER
Molars and such 5 letters TEETH
Have some bunny chow e.g. 3 letters EAT
Degree for a dentist 3 letters DDS
Herb with Genovese and Thai varieties 5 letters BASIL
Pleasant smells 6 letters AROMAS
Enjoy greatly 6 letters RELISH
Pucker-inducing 4 letters SOUR
Skin openings 5 letters PORES
Snack made with celery peanut butter and raisins 10 letters ANTSONALOG
Game with infrared sensor vests 8 letters LASERTAG
As dry as a desert 4 letters ARID
Vase with a base 3 letters URN
Fish eggs 3 letters ROE
Look at that cute puppy! 3 letters AWW
Perceive 5 letters SENSE
___/her pronouns 3 letters SHE
Even score 3 letters TIE
Laozi principle 3 letters TAO
October birthstone 4 letters OPAL
Item for fetch or catch 4 letters BALL
Lackadaisically 4 letters IDLY
___ Talks (lecture series) 3 letters TED
Backyard toy with a hose hookup 10 letters SLIPNSLIDE
Bit of info for an airport pickup 3 letters ETA
___-mo (replay effect) 3 letters SLO
Formal agreement 4 letters PACT
Makeup company with door-to-door salespeople 4 letters AVON
Twitter thread perhaps 4 letters RANT
Child 3 letters KID
___ hour (last moment) 8 letters ELEVENTH
Press Reply All instead of Reply for example 3 letters ERR
Arsenic and Adobo author ___ P. Manansala 3 letters MIA
Watson co. 3 letters IBM
Prepare to drive in golf 5 letters TEEUP
Used a stencil 6 letters TRACED
Hollered 6 letters YELLED
Not in the shipyard 5 letters ATSEA
Russian leaders before 1917 5 letters TSARS
It starts with an H for this answer 4 letters HINT
Fireplace output 4 letters HEAT
Currency in Nara 3 letters YEN
Meower 3 letters CAT
Get on in years 3 letters AGE
Insect that might be a drone 3 letters BEE

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