USA Today Crossword August 2 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword August 2 2021 Answers:

Right on pastor! 4 letters AMEN
Drink slowly 3 letters SIP
Hideout 4 letters LAIR
One of two in a basic telescope 4 letters LENS
___ opposites 5 letters POLAR
My treat! 4 letters ONME
We couldn’t have done this without everyone’s help! 15 letters ITTAKESAVILLAGE
Respectful address in India 3 letters SRI
Helo Pinheiro aka The Girl From ___ 7 letters IPANEMA
The L in UCLA 3 letters LOS
___ pole (Indigenous carving) 5 letters TOTEM
One of two for some children 3 letters DAD
Steakhouse order 5 letters TBONE
Quick meetings in corporate lingo 5 letters SYNCS
Combine 5 letters MERGE
Seed in some puddings 4 letters CHIA
Spanish for cat 4 letters GATO
Doing something enthusiastically 11 letters GOINGTOTOWN
Nation south of Libya 4 letters CHAD
Makes a mistake 5 letters GOOFS
Japanese noodle 4 letters SOBA
Handles tough times 5 letters COPES
Nail polish brand 3 letters OPI
The album Taylor Swift for Taylor Swift 5 letters DEBUT
Pig’s place 3 letters STY
Like two peas in a ___ 3 letters POD
Bay Area airport code 3 letters SFO
Portland’s state (Abbr.) 3 letters ORE
HBO show discussed on the podcast Couldn’t Help but Wonder 13 letters SEXANDTHECITY
Train by trading blows 4 letters SPAR
Unsettling 5 letters EERIE
Branch of Islam 4 letters SHIA
Sesenta minutos 4 letters HORA
Holy person 5 letters SAINT
Give temporarily 4 letters LEND
Online marketplace with a Craft Supplies section 4 letters ETSY
Big piece of timber 3 letters LOG
Thus . . . 4 letters ERGO
Upper echelon of Hollywood 5 letters ALIST
Subways 6 letters METROS
Thing 6 letters ENTITY
Intelligence org. 3 letters NSA
What a pity! 5 letters SOSAD
Comedian Glazer 5 letters ILANA
Covered with asphalt 5 letters PAVED
Response to a funny meme 3 letters LOL
Not digital 6 letters ANALOG
Catch ya later! 6 letters IMGONE
Actress Witherspoon 5 letters REESE
___ rally 3 letters PEP
Outer edge 3 letters RIM
Jjigae ingredient 6 letters KIMCHI
Not on time for 6 letters LATETO
Convert cryptographically 6 letters ENCODE
Look around in a store 6 letters BROWSE
Belt out a chorus for example 4 letters SING
Yoga surfaces 4 letters MATS
Plenty 9 letters AGOODDEAL
Head to the lake maybe 9 letters GOFISHING
They can be taken between high school and college 8 letters GAPYEARS
Summit 3 letters TOP
I don’t mind! 8 letters NOBOTHER
Includes on an email thread 3 letters CCS
You can use one to share your internet connection 7 letters HOTSPOT
___ the hatchet (making peace) 7 letters BURYING
Enjoyed an arepa say 3 letters ATE
Me day destination 3 letters SPA
___ Martens (boots) 3 letters DOC
Dollar bills 4 letters ONES
Pedicures treat them 4 letters FEET
Radiography scan 4 letters XRAY
SWV or 702 4 letters TRIO
Landmass in an archipelago 4 letters ISLE
___/they pronouns 3 letters SHE
Without further ___ . . . 3 letters ADO

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