USA Today Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Little lie 3 letters FIB
Sharp points on some wire fences 5 letters BARBS
Played Mario Kart 5 letters RACED
Letter after pi 3 letters RHO
From Mongolia say 5 letters ASIAN
Flared dress style 5 letters ALINE
Second-person pronoun 3 letters YOU
Appropriated 5 letters STOLE
They’re pushed in a supermarket 5 letters CARTS
Athenian philosopher 5 letters PLATO
Pack of cards 4 letters DECK
Ho ___ Minh City Vietnam 3 letters CHI
Become cherry-colored 6 letters REDDEN
___-Magnons (early humans) 3 letters CRO
Make hazy 4 letters BLUR
Puts into play 4 letters USES
Important time period 3 letters ERA
Macaroni’s partner 6 letters CHEESE
Neither here ___ there 3 letters NOR
Say Sorry can’t make it e.g. 4 letters RSVP
Opposites of innies 6 letters OUTIES
Casual talks 5 letters CHATS
Board game aka Settlers 5 letters CATAN
I’ve had it! 6 letters ENOUGH
My bad 4 letters OOPS
Bowling pin count 3 letters TEN
Tool for curling hair 6 letters ROLLER
Purple yam 3 letters UBE
American Woman star Hong 4 letters CHAU
Run ___ (go wild) 4 letters AMOK
Decide 3 letters OPT
Most sky-colored 6 letters BLUEST
Title for a knight 3 letters SIR
Make a trade 4 letters SWAP
Heavens to ___! 5 letters BETSY
Like some mobile purchases 5 letters INAPP
Chef El-Waylly 5 letters SOHLA
Knock the socks off of 3 letters AWE
Natasia Demetriou’s What We Do in the Shadows role 5 letters NADJA
Macaroni and rigatoni shapewise 5 letters TUBES
Little quibble 3 letters NIT
It adds shine to lips and photos 5 letters GLOSS
Got out of bed 5 letters AROSE
Initials in genetics 3 letters DNA
Tostones recipe verb 3 letters FRY
Fingers crossed! 7 letters IHOPESO
City in the Rockies 15 letters BOULDERCOLORADO
Turkey recipe verb 5 letters BASTE
Not far at all 12 letters ASTONESTHROW
___ de Janeiro Brazil 3 letters RIO
Blue Man Group costume piece 7 letters BALDCAP
Snide look 5 letters SNEER
Off-the-___ clothes 4 letters RACK
Phrase that links pie to mode 3 letters ALA
Belinda Carlisle hit of 1988 15 letters CIRCLEINTHESAND
Gush with excitement 7 letters ENTHUSE
Longs for 7 letters DESIRES
Billboards and infomercials e.g. 3 letters ADS
Cereal with the Flintstones as spokestoons 12 letters COCOAPEBBLES
Singer’s showy add-on 3 letters RUN
Software test version 4 letters BETA
Vehicles for camping 3 letters RVS
Shacks 4 letters HUTS
Get angry 4 letters RAGE
Marvel character who gets angry 4 letters HULK
Corn on the ___ 3 letters COB
Using part of a pencil 7 letters ERASING
Very small 7 letters NOMINAL
Onrush of support 7 letters OUTPOUR
Unchallenging victory 7 letters EASYWIN
Hard ___ to crack 3 letters NUT
Director’s command 3 letters CUT
Macaroni or rigatoni for example 5 letters PASTA
Renter’s agreement 5 letters LEASE
Massage venues 4 letters SPAS
Sleepwear for short 3 letters PJS
I May Destroy You network 3 letters HBO
Incoming flight stat 3 letters ETA

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