USA Today Crossword April 7 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword April 7 2021 Answers:

Soft throw 4 letters TOSS
Small eatery 4 letters CAFE
Wage ___ 5 letters THEFT
One True Thing author Quindlen 4 letters ANNA
Guangxi’s continent 4 letters ASIA
Vietnam’s capital 5 letters HANOI
Quantity of paper 4 letters REAM
Vehicles with sliding doors 4 letters VANS
Like days of yore 5 letters OLDEN
Makes less money 12 letters TAKESAPAYCUT
Copper or iron 5 letters METAL
Country bordering Thailand 4 letters LAOS
Rested on a tatami perhaps 3 letters SAT
Injury to a toddler 4 letters OWIE
Place for couples massages 3 letters SPA
Commotion 3 letters ADO
Noisy bird 3 letters JAY
UFO operators allegedly 3 letters ETS
A Quiet Passion actress Cynthia 5 letters NIXON
Book signing buy 15 letters AUTOGRAPHEDCOPY
Main ingredient in pizza dough 5 letters FLOUR
Engine cooler 3 letters FAN
Doc using an otoscope 3 letters ENT
Dream state acronym 3 letters REM
Debut music releases often 3 letters EPS
Combine 4 letters MELD
Photo ___ (PR events) 3 letters OPS
Actress ___ Rachel Wood 4 letters EVAN
Spider-Man’s first name 5 letters MILES
Fishy condiment 12 letters ANCHOVYPASTE
Wheat used in some artisan breads 5 letters SPELT
Car rental brand whose name means bird 4 letters AVIS
Old ruling title in Bulgaria 4 letters TSAR
Have a debate 5 letters ARGUE
You ___ what you sow 4 letters REAP
Author Schuster 4 letters TARA
Unquestioned teachings 5 letters DOGMA
Supporter 4 letters ALLY
Body parts that blink 4 letters EYES
Like the taste of calamansi 4 letters TART
Middle-of-the-night hour 5 letters ONEAM
Cobra e.g. 5 letters SNAKE
Likewise! 9 letters SAMETOYOU
Insufficiently concerned 8 letters CAVALIER
On the double! 4 letters ASAP
Ultimate 5 letters FINAL
GPA-boosting courses 6 letters EASYAS
One ___ and One Nights 8 letters THOUSAND
Put a stop to 4 letters HALT
Put a stop to 3 letters END
Loki to Thor often 3 letters FOE
Hidden element in this clue 3 letters TIN
Tool with teeth 3 letters SAW
But you say it in a tweet that’s a ___-out (Swift lyric) 3 letters COP
Anglo-___ 5 letters SAXON
Welcome a child 5 letters ADOPT
Award for a musical 4 letters TONY
Transit stat 3 letters ETA
Mint cocktail 5 letters JULEP
Molecule parts 5 letters ATOMS
Stat on some foundations 3 letters SPF
Cold coffee drink 9 letters ICEDLATTE
Nathalie Emmanuel hairstyle 4 letters AFRO
Matcha or sencha 8 letters GREENTEA
Partner of pineapple on pizza 3 letters HAM
Antagonist in a thriller perhaps 8 letters ENEMYSPY
Material in plumbing pipes 3 letters PVC
African desert 6 letters SAHARA
Word before service or balm 3 letters LIP
Dream of the Red Chamber e.g. 5 letters NOVEL
Da’Shaun L. Harrison piece 5 letters ESSAY
Look without blinking 5 letters STARE
School reunion invitee 4 letters ALUM
Potion holder 4 letters VIAL
Focuses for historians 4 letters ERAS
Feeling down 3 letters SAD
Tennis club instructor 3 letters PRO
Shakshouka ingredient 3 letters EGG

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