USA Today Crossword April 17 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword April 17 2021 Answers:

Restaurant offering 4 letters MEAL
Stone worker 5 letters MASON
Biology for example (Abbr.) 3 letters SCI
Fitzgerald known as the Queen of Jazz 4 letters ELLA
Quiet remark 5 letters ASIDE
Potato informally 4 letters SPUD
Tax prep pros 4 letters CPAS
Cookout locations 5 letters YARDS
Smooch 4 letters KISS
S.F. neighborhood home to the Rainbow Honor Walk 14 letters CASTRODISTRICT
Inquire 3 letters ASK
The E in BCE 3 letters ERA
Bloomin’ ___ (vegetable appetizer) 5 letters ONION
Promise 4 letters OATH
R&B singer Varner 4 letters ELLE
Angsty music genre 3 letters EMO
Warrior in Japan’s Edo period 7 letters SAMURAI
World power from 1922 to 1991 (Abbr.) 4 letters USSR
Political appointment 11 letters CABINETPOST
Result of microwaving fish 4 letters ODOR
Hah! Funny joke 7 letters NICEONE
A double bogey is two over it 3 letters PAR
Protection against a hot baking tray 4 letters MITT
Prefix for enemy 4 letters ARCH
Country whose capital is Damascus 5 letters SYRIA
Compete like Mikaela Shiffrin 3 letters SKI
Rumor ___ it . . . 3 letters HAS
Event featuring jokes at a famous guest’s expense 14 letters CELEBRITYROAST
Spine’s place 4 letters BACK
The R in NPR 5 letters RADIO
Writer Alicia Gaspar de ___ 4 letters ALBA
CPR experts 4 letters EMTS
Actor’s rep 5 letters AGENT
Work duration 4 letters TERM
Geolocation device 3 letters GPS
Cool! 5 letters NEATO
OK that’s enough! 4 letters STOP
Umrah destination 5 letters MECCA
Texas city on the Rio Grande 6 letters ELPASO
U.S. state with the highest percentage of Native residents 6 letters ALASKA
Opposite of first 4 letters LAST
City leader 5 letters MAYOR
Burrito meat option 5 letters ASADA
Virtual assistant with a Norwegian name 4 letters SIRI
Chances 4 letters ODDS
Snug hideaway 4 letters NEST
Highest on the Scoville scale 8 letters SPICIEST
International flyer’s checkpoint 7 letters CUSTOMS
Passports etc. 3 letters IDS
Apple’s exterior 4 letters SKIN
Fix up 5 letters REHAB
Eggs on sushi 3 letters ROE
Oslo’s country (Abbr.) 3 letters NOR
Ruler hidden in sports arena 4 letters TSAR
Construct 5 letters ERECT
Tardy 4 letters LATE
Common cosmetic surgery for short 4 letters LIPO
Small-scale 4 letters MINI
Meter or ampere 4 letters UNIT
Person with login information 4 letters USER
Fixes 8 letters CORRECTS
Broadcasting studio sign 5 letters ONAIR
___ team (developer’s unit) 3 letters OPS
Summer social setting for kids 7 letters DAYCAMP
Issa Rae’s role in The Photograph 3 letters MAE
Alpine cottage 6 letters CHALET
My Little Pony toy brand 6 letters HASBRO
Types 4 letters ILKS
Work duration 5 letters STINT
Former capital of Japan 5 letters KYOTO
Forever postal purchase 5 letters STAMP
Fiber-rich ingredient 4 letters BRAN
Extreme anger 4 letters RAGE
Thought 4 letters IDEA
Hot cereal bits 4 letters OATS
Don’t make me ___! 3 letters BEG

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