USA Today Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Livestream annoyances 4 letters LAGS
Long for 4 letters MISS
Soil 4 letters DIRT
Pronto 4 letters ASAP
Scientist hidden in Mariotte’s law 5 letters TESLA
Classic lab assistant name 4 letters IGOR
Shush! 10 letters ZIPYOURLIP
NYC attraction 4 letters MOMA
So exciting! 3 letters YAS
Highway entrance road 6 letters ONRAMP
Remain 4 letters STAY
Protein powder ingredient 4 letters WHEY
Favorite hangout spot 5 letters HAUNT
Wealth 6 letters RICHES
That’s a perfect representation of how I feel 7 letters BIGMOOD
Expressed amazement 5 letters AAHED
Be loud 5 letters BLARE
Letters for an oversharer 3 letters TMI
Hurry! 4 letters CMON
High-quality beef cut 5 letters TBONE
Carpet type 4 letters SHAG
Key above ~ 3 letters ESC
Rattled 5 letters SHOOK
French and Creole are its official languages 5 letters HAITI
Hotel guest’s acquisition 7 letters ROOMKEY
Attached with needle and thread 6 letters SEWNON
They/Them/___: A Guide to Nonbinary and Genderqueer Identities 5 letters THEIR
Birds that might give a hoot 4 letters OWLS
___ laughing now? 4 letters WHOS
Friend since childhood say 6 letters OLDPAL
Actress Kravitz 3 letters ZOE
Long fishes 4 letters EELS
Vocal percussion 10 letters BEATBOXING
Alphabetically the first of the Great Lakes 4 letters ERIE
Folklore giants 5 letters OGRES
Peruvian of old 4 letters INCA
Upper-bod muscles 4 letters PECS
Three-___ sloth 4 letters TOED
Covered with frosting 4 letters ICED
Like some assumptions and afternoons 4 letters LAZY
Home to Doha Jakarta and Manila 4 letters ASIA
In-between spaces 4 letters GAPS
I ___ with my little eye . . . 3 letters SPY
Cheerful 5 letters MERRY
Puerto Rico por ejemplo 4 letters ISLA
___ fit jeans 4 letters SLIM
September birthstone 8 letters SAPPHIRE
Traditional Cantonese meal 6 letters DIMSUM
Stumped response to Anything else to add? 10 letters IGOTNOTHIN
Marinara ingredient 10 letters ROMATOMATO
Cafeteria carrier 4 letters TRAY
Melodies 5 letters TUNES
Expressed amazement 5 letters OOHED
What time? 4 letters WHEN
Grow older 3 letters AGE
Competitive driver 5 letters RACER
Wouldn’t miss it for the world! 10 letters IAMSOTHERE
Truffle connoisseur perhaps 10 letters CHOCOHOLIC
Loan source 4 letters BANK
Bon appetit! 5 letters DIGIN
Male-identifying breakdancer 4 letters BBOY
Bathroom in London 3 letters LOO
Dance featuring mechanical movements 8 letters THEROBOT
Hard-toothed tools 4 letters SAWS
Compete on snow 3 letters SKI
Konnichiwa translation 5 letters HELLO
Reasons to use mops 6 letters MESSES
Uses a mop on 5 letters SWABS
Decided 5 letters OPTED
Cry 4 letters WEEP
Plastic brick 4 letters LEGO
How ___ you!? 4 letters DARE
Zn on the periodic table 4 letters ZINC
You only live ___ 4 letters ONCE
Wow quaintly 4 letters EGAD
Roman numeral atop a grandfather clock 3 letters XII

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