USA Today Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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USA Today Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

The ___ (Tina Turner hit) 4 letters BEST
Female friend in Spanish 5 letters AMIGA
Snake eyes number 3 letters TWO
Misconception 4 letters MYTH
Confronted 5 letters FACED
Salt-N-Pepa originally 4 letters TRIO
Used to be 4 letters WERE
It’s protected in the same amendment as the right to assemble 10 letters FREESPEECH
Like some illegal internships 6 letters UNPAID
Jousting weapon 5 letters LANCE
It might say Line Dry Only 3 letters TAG
Part of a porpoise 3 letters FIN
Garment forgone when working from home perhaps 3 letters BRA
Papa 3 letters DAD
Like a sound dogs can hear but humans can’t 13 letters HIGHFREQUENCY
Lacking street lamps say 5 letters UNLIT
Below 5 letters UNDER
Part of a process 4 letters STEP
Sturdy tree 3 letters OAK
Apple tablet 4 letters IPAD
Practical joke 5 letters PRANK
Knightley who played Therese Raquin 5 letters KEIRA
Dessert fiend on Sesame Street 13 letters COOKIEMONSTER
A long time ___ 3 letters AGO
Muesli bit 3 letters OAT
Prefix for corn or cycle 3 letters UNI
Feline 3 letters CAT
Peahens : females :: peacocks : ___ 5 letters MALES
Crochet choice 6 letters STITCH
Fruit named after another fruit 10 letters PLUMTOMATO
What chilis add to a dish 4 letters HEAT
Muppet with no eyebrows 4 letters ELMO
Calvin and Hobbes vehicle 5 letters WAGON
St. Louis monument 4 letters ARCH
Put on 3 letters DON
Tilts 5 letters LEANS
Phrase of understanding 4 letters ISEE
German luxury car 3 letters BMW
A cyclops has one 3 letters EYE
Grapple 8 letters STRUGGLE
At that time 4 letters THEN
Event 6 letters AFFAIR
Sea-related 6 letters MARINE
Coffee menu heading 4 letters ICED
___ whiz! 3 letters GEE
Commercials 3 letters ADS
Like tube tops and bell bottoms once 6 letters TRENDY
Religion with covens 5 letters WICCA
___ and aahed 5 letters OOHED
Afternoon drink 3 letters TEA
Air vehicle 5 letters PLANE
Deflating sound 4 letters PFFT
Therefore 4 letters THUS
Equivalent of isn’t 4 letters AINT
Bed in a cabin 4 letters BUNK
Color of 62-Across 3 letters RED
Mud-loving animal 5 letters HIPPO
Rhyming synonym of shake 5 letters QUAKE
Weeps 5 letters CRIES
Go-getter’s verbal confirmation 4 letters ONIT
Lemonade holders 8 letters PITCHERS
Region 4 letters AREA
Bar game projectile 4 letters DART
Chicken’s perch 5 letters ROOST
Dwayne Johnson ___ The Rock 3 letters AKA
Work with yarn and needles 4 letters KNIT
Newspaper piece 6 letters COLUMN
Meat in roghan ghosht 6 letters MUTTON
Vegetables that might bring someone to tears 6 letters ONIONS
Excited 5 letters AMPED
Pico de ___ 5 letters GALLO
Genre related to hardcore punk 3 letters EMO
Long story 4 letters SAGA
Afternoon drink 4 letters CHAI
Wise bird 3 letters OWL
Bandleader Anna ___ Winburn 3 letters MAE
Asexual person for short 3 letters ACE
Not just any 3 letters THE

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