Universal Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

The Little Red Hen denial 4 letters NOTI
Touch on 4 letters ABUT
Lion in 2015 headlines 5 letters CECIL
Accrue as interest 4 letters EARN
It’s a wrap in Bollywood 4 letters SARI
___ acid (protein part) 5 letters AMINO
Channels of information that women share privately 15 letters WHISPERNETWORKS
Underlying meaning 7 letters SUBTEXT
Help! 3 letters SOS
Long-running CBS drama 3 letters CSI
The Problem With ___ (film named for a Simpsons character) 3 letters APU
Orca appendage 3 letters FIN
Destruction 4 letters RUIN
In the style of 3 letters ALA
1989 rom-com about an underachiever and a valedictorian 11 letters SAYANYTHING
Most optimal 4 letters BEST
Boy 3 letters LAD
Word after power or strong 4 letters SUIT
How unfortunate 5 letters SOSAD
First name of two Spice Girls 3 letters MEL
Garden creature 5 letters GNOME
Upscale hotel chain 4 letters OMNI
Canola ___ 3 letters OIL
Couple’s pronoun 4 letters OURS
Actress typecast in slasher flicks 11 letters SCREAMQUEEN
Have a little liquid 3 letters SIP
Conical items at birthday parties 4 letters HATS
Place 3 letters PUT
Roadside purchase 3 letters GAS
It has a humerus and a funny bone 3 letters ARM
Perceive 3 letters SEE
File away 7 letters ARCHIVE
Revealing a lot or a theme hint 15 letters SPEAKINGVOLUMES
Dance that takes two 5 letters TANGO
Henhouse 4 letters COOP
Canvas cover 4 letters TARP
Tweak 5 letters ALTER
Fine-tune 4 letters HONE
Picture of health? 4 letters SCAN
It may be breaking 4 letters NEWS
Diamond Head’s island 4 letters OAHU
Chi-Town paper with The 4 letters TRIB
App for sharing pics 5 letters INSTA
The A in LGBTQIA 7 letters ASEXUAL
Rail system that serves S.F. 4 letters BART
Caterer’s dispenser 3 letters URN
Has a marketing connection 6 letters TIESIN
Ravens’ calls 4 letters CAWS
Angsty music genre 3 letters EMO
Roundabout 10 letters CIRCUITOUS
Finishes like a tattoo 6 letters INKSIN
Behind on points 6 letters LOSING
Livens (up) 4 letters PEPS
Jagged Little Pill was nominated for 15 in 2020 5 letters TONYS
Slowly disappear 7 letters FADEOUT
Heavy charger for short? 5 letters RHINO
Planking targets 3 letters ABS
It comes before Virgo 3 letters LEO
Mixed bag 10 letters ASSORTMENT
Orange or purple vegetable 3 letters YAM
___-of-war 3 letters TUG
Makes less feral 5 letters TAMES
Chromosome molecule 3 letters DNA
Whopper 3 letters LIE
Noninvasive hosp. procedure 3 letters MRI
Clairvoyant’s claim: Abbr. 3 letters ESP
JFK Library architect 5 letters IMPEI
Surfer’s tether 7 letters LEGROPE
Soda brand named for a California peak 6 letters SHASTA
Relating to the wristbones 6 letters CARPAL
Satisfy as one’s thirst 6 letters QUENCH
Salt in the lab 4 letters NACL
Closes 5 letters SHUTS
Hershey toffee bar 4 letters SKOR
Cosmetics giant 4 letters AVON
Apple desktop 4 letters IMAC
Designer Wang 4 letters VERA
Monday Night Football broadcaster 4 letters ESPN
Improve in a wine cellar maybe 3 letters AGE
Sticky stuff 3 letters GOO

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