Universal Crossword September 25 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword September 25 2021 Answers:

Many AMA members 4 letters DOCS
Night ___ (morning person’s opposite) 3 letters OWL
Shaving lotion brand whose name sounds apt 4 letters AFTA
River to the Caspian 4 letters URAL
Desserts that may have nuts and shells 4 letters PIES
Tornado warning sound 5 letters SIREN
Setting for a tiny gem? 9 letters BABYBEZEL
Tuft on a bird’s head 5 letters CREST
Line of business? 6 letters SLOGAN
Varsity team member e.g. 7 letters ATHLETE
NFL officials 4 letters REFS
Dish with seasoned rice 5 letters PILAF
Broad City star Jacobson 4 letters ABBI
The I in TGIF 3 letters ITS
Name that anagrams to Dacron 6 letters CONRAD
Campus figure with a list 4 letters DEAN
Wreck 4 letters RUIN
Terminate 5 letters CEASE
Word before gap or group 3 letters AGE
Marriage 7 letters WEDLOCK
Soccer legend Hamm 3 letters MIA
Thingamajig 5 letters GIZMO
Fizzy drink 4 letters SODA
Authentic 4 letters REAL
What a spoiler may spoil 6 letters ENDING
Aphid’s food 3 letters SAP
Ain’t equivalent? 4 letters ISNT
Cosmetician Lauder 5 letters ESTEE
Beach bird 4 letters TERN
Deep-fried American Chinese appetizer 7 letters EGGROLL
Boxing matches 6 letters FIGHTS
Oscar winner Sophia 5 letters LOREN
History of a dog variety? 9 letters BREEDPAST
Some are residential 5 letters AREAS
Subtle glow 4 letters AURA
Big name in skin care 4 letters OLAY
Require 4 letters NEED
Keep out 3 letters BAR
Sweat source 4 letters PORE
Gives a nickname to 4 letters DUBS
Face-to-face exam 4 letters ORAL
Baja resort briefly 4 letters CABO
Smirk 7 letters SLYGRIN
Where to roast chestnuts in a Christmas song 8 letters OPENFIRE
The ___ (musical set in Oz) 3 letters WIZ
Gymnastics gold medalist Suni 3 letters LEE
Sky route 7 letters AIRLANE
Optician’s bonus offer? 10 letters FREEFRAMES
Makeup at fashion school say? 4 letters TEST
Poker buy-in 4 letters ANTE
High-five sound 4 letters SLAP
Junk 7 letters SCHLOCK
Sweetie 3 letters BAE
Behavioral quirk 3 letters TIC
Supports for drywall 5 letters STUDS
Haste makes waste e.g. 5 letters ADAGE
Launch into 5 letters BEGIN
What a musicologist who studies folk singer Joan earns? 10 letters BAEZDEGREE
Structures near barns 5 letters SILOS
Japanese or Javanese 5 letters ASIAN
Gave out cards 5 letters DEALT
Greet silently 5 letters NODAT
Chinese soup dumplings 7 letters WONTONS
North Carolina headland of cinematic fame 8 letters CAPEFEAR
Interpret incorrectly 7 letters MISREAD
Wearable candy 7 letters RINGPOP
Come together 3 letters GEL
Idris of The Harder They Fall 4 letters ELBA
Clear (of) 3 letters RID
Enthusiasm 4 letters ELAN
Reason for an R rating 4 letters GORE
Angel’s headwear 4 letters HALO
Russian leader until 1917 4 letters TSAR
Eye annoyance 4 letters STYE
___ elbows with 3 letters RUB
Big time? 3 letters ERA

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