Universal Crossword September 24 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword September 24 2021 Answers:

___ ghanoush 4 letters BABA
Desus & Mero network for short 3 letters SHO
Loud kiss 5 letters SMACK
Letters in an urgent request 4 letters ASAP
PC brand 4 letters ACER
Use for a snooze 5 letters LIEON
Chance to accompany a firefighter 9 letters RIDEALONG
Between in Paris 5 letters ENTRE
Sheep sound 3 letters BAA
Celine whose first and last initials are apt? 4 letters DION
One absorbs things quickly 6 letters SPONGE
Path toward redemption 13 letters COMEBACKTRAIL
Blemish on a shirt 5 letters STAIN
Luau garlands 4 letters LEIS
Nasal noise 5 letters SNORT
Like an even match? 5 letters DRAWN
Awesome to the Beatles 3 letters FAB
Broadcasts 4 letters AIRS
Captivates 5 letters GRIPS
The Big Easy in brief 4 letters NOLA
Modern driving aid: Abbr. 3 letters GPS
Laborious undertakings 5 letters SLOGS
Comes to room temperature say 5 letters COOLS
Ollie’s pal in classic comedy 4 letters STAN
Temple honoree 5 letters DEITY
Gem from a farm 13 letters CULTUREDPEARL
Tie in a low-scoring game 6 letters ONEONE
Slippery swimmers 4 letters EELS
Praise in verse 3 letters ODE
It can come after tea or table 5 letters SPOON
Up to speed and like all but four bookending letters of 9 letters INTHELOOP
Trace of color 5 letters TINGE
Berry whose name is 75% vowels 4 letters ACAI
The Irish Sea’s ___ of Man 4 letters ISLE
Sinister smile 5 letters SNEER
Org. for Penguins and Sharks 3 letters NHL
Brazilian soccer great 4 letters PELE
Wire fence feature 4 letters BARB
Bengaluru’s continent 4 letters ASIA
Troublemakers 9 letters BADACTORS
King Kong for one 3 letters APE
2020 movie about a cartoon canine 5 letters SCOOB
Dye used for a bridal tattoo 5 letters HENNA
URL ending for a nonprofit 3 letters ORG
Ignored the alarm 7 letters SLEPTIN
People who are under 18 6 letters MINORS
Health insurance giant 5 letters AETNA
Welsh ___ (dog breed) 5 letters CORGI
Prepare to pray perhaps 5 letters KNEEL
Extraterrestrial 5 letters ALIEN
Let in or let on 5 letters ADMIT
Biases 5 letters SKEWS
Rowboat propellers 4 letters OARS
Is polite after a boring play 5 letters CLAPS
Sound heard at a salon 4 letters SNIP
Droop 3 letters SAG
High-tech photography gadget 5 letters DRONE
Fix as a gambling game 3 letters RIG
1984 movie set in a town with a ban on dancing 9 letters FOOTLOOSE
Friend in battle 4 letters ALLY
Common undergrad degrees 3 letters BAS
Night driving hazard 5 letters GLARE
Pinot ___ 4 letters NOIR
Something shocking 7 letters STUNNER
Discontinue 5 letters CEASE
Fall guy 6 letters STOOGE
New ___ India 5 letters DELHI
Expenses 5 letters COSTS
Detach like a corsage 5 letters UNPIN
Sierra ___ (African country) 5 letters LEONE
As Time Goes By actress Judi 5 letters DENCH
She loves me not flower part 5 letters PETAL
Tiny house resident? 4 letters DOLL
Sporting sword 4 letters EPEE
Fleming who created James Bond 3 letters IAN
Sass 3 letters LIP

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