Universal Crossword September 23 2022 Answers

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Universal Crossword September 23 2022 Answers:

Attack Rex! 5 letters SICEM
Terrible period for kids 4 letters TWOS
Come again? 4 letters WHAT
Japanese city destroyed by Godzilla 5 letters OSAKA
Change the decor of 4 letters REDO
Choir attire 4 letters ROBE
This D.J. likes big hits! 10 letters DEREKJETER
La ___ Bonita (Madonna song) 4 letters ISLA
Part of a tennis match 3 letters SET
Near eternity 3 letters EON
Word before shot or plot 7 letters SCATTER
Keeps moist as vegetables in a grocery store 5 letters MISTS
Before to a bard 3 letters ERE
This A.C. gives me a chill! 14 letters AGATHACHRISTIE
Joggers’ paces 5 letters TROTS
X- or Blu- follower 3 letters RAY
Also 3 letters AND
Northwestern state with a panhandle 5 letters IDAHO
A couple of chips maybe 3 letters BET
Fruit that William Tell shot 5 letters APPLE
Fancy dresser 3 letters FOP
Afternoon party drink 3 letters TEA
G-rated 5 letters CLEAN
This F.M. is known for playing rock! 14 letters FREDDIEMERCURY
Help 3 letters AID
Goalies’ successes 5 letters SAVES
Furthermore … 7 letters BESIDES
Goal for many a HS dropout 3 letters GED
Pronoun for Beyonce 3 letters HER
Get ___ (take revenge) 4 letters EVEN
This P.R. was for the American Revolution! 10 letters PAULREVERE
Pinball game ender 4 letters TILT
Fairy-tale fiend 4 letters OGRE
Shy 5 letters TIMID
Comrade in war 4 letters ALLY
Bears’ homes 4 letters DENS
Cartoon mirages 5 letters OASES
Patches as a lawn 4 letters SODS
Got it! 4 letters ISEE
Vendor’s vehicle 4 letters CART
Just manage with out 3 letters EKE
Carry out your orders to Captain Picard 8 letters MAKEITSO
Giant Starbucks size 6 letters TRENTA
Rainy 3 letters WET
Keats poems 4 letters ODES
Activity in which cursing is expected? 7 letters SORCERY
Jots down 6 letters WRITES
Emcee 4 letters HOST
Ready and willing’s partner 4 letters ABLE
Something shed somberly 4 letters TEAR
Kid around 4 letters JOSH
The NFL’s Cardinals on scoreboards 3 letters ARI
Trig e.g. 4 letters MATH
Roller-coaster cries 7 letters SCREAMS
Zeal 5 letters ARDOR
Lose it completely 5 letters GOAPE
Where a rabbit may be hidden 3 letters HAT
Narrow to a point 5 letters TAPER
Dental filling 5 letters INLAY
Bible garden 4 letters EDEN
Petty quarrel 4 letters TIFF
Honey Nut Cheerios mascot 3 letters BEE
Take as the throne 8 letters ACCEDETO
Synonym of 35-Across 4 letters PLUS
Laundry product in a dangerous 2010s internet challenge 7 letters TIDEPOD
Like lacework 6 letters DAINTY
Performed 3 letters DID
Birds with keen eyesight 6 letters EAGLES
Winnebago driver briefly 4 letters RVER
Alpha-gamma connector 4 letters BETA
Dr. ___ (villain played by Mike Myers) 4 letters EVIL
Peddle 4 letters SELL
Wise guy perhaps? 4 letters SAGE
Sewn lines 4 letters HEMS
Ontario border lake 4 letters ERIE
Cincinnati sluggers 4 letters REDS
Coffee dispenser 3 letters URN
Itinerary preposition 3 letters VIA

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