Universal Crossword September 22 2022 Answers

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Universal Crossword September 22 2022 Answers:

Prepares to hit a cue ball 4 letters AIMS
Instruct 5 letters TEACH
Film snippet 4 letters CLIP
Little pest 4 letters GNAT
K-pop or bebop e.g. 5 letters GENRE
Greeting before Como estas? 4 letters HOLA
I’ll only say this ___ … 4 letters ONCE
Belly button type 5 letters INNIE
One of the Pac-Man ghosts 4 letters INKY
Brother from another mother perhaps 11 letters HALFSIBLING
Item in the Recycle Bin 4 letters FILE
Say ___ to the Dress 3 letters YES
Goopy hair products 4 letters GELS
Please stay! 6 letters DONTGO
Pig in Sing 6 letters ROSITA
Venues where some play the Blues? 15 letters ICEHOCKEYARENAS
Golfer’s try to break it 3 letters PAR
Deck with Wands and Pentacles 5 letters TAROT
Animal on Michigan’s flag 3 letters ELK
More crafty 5 letters SLYER
Free (of) 3 letters RID
Mammoth features 5 letters TUSKS
They’re read in tasseography 9 letters TEALEAVES
Felt yesterday’s workout 5 letters ACHED
I can’t believe ‘Legally Blonde’ came out over 20 years ago! 5 letters IMOLD
Certain browser 13 letters WINDOWSHOPPER
Name that means sun in Sanskrit 4 letters RAVI
Dev of Slumdog Millionaire 5 letters PATEL
I problems? 4 letters EGOS
Zoom founder Yuan 4 letters ERIC
Wonder Woman’s headpiece 5 letters TIARA
Grandma 4 letters NANA
Dover’s state: Abbr. 3 letters DEL
Eye problems 5 letters STYES
Bipod feature 3 letters LEG
Many moons ___ 3 letters AGO
Overnight stop 3 letters INN
Equipment 9 letters MACHINERY
Sneakiness 7 letters STEALTH
Yay the weekend! 4 letters TGIF
Itty 5 letters EENSY
Tomorrow musical 5 letters ANNIE
MTV show with tours of celebrity homes 5 letters CRIBS
Stiletto e.g. 4 letters HEEL
Like the game mah-jongg 7 letters CHINESE
Theme park annoyances 9 letters LONGLINES
Kind 3 letters ILK
Apple ___ (Venmo alternative) 3 letters PAY
Toy that hurts to step on 4 letters LEGO
Famous lab assistant 4 letters IGOR
___ point (center of activity) 5 letters FOCAL
Piece of celery 5 letters STALK
Tzatziki and hummus e.g. 4 letters DIPS
Back to the Future Day mo. 3 letters OCT
Certain pet rodent 3 letters RAT
Inquires 4 letters ASKS
Urban of The Boys 4 letters KARL
The E of HOMES 4 letters ERIE
A Jedi master he is 4 letters YODA
Of a cultural group 6 letters ETHNIC
Mr. Fantastic’s first name 4 letters REED
Fill-in worker 4 letters TEMP
Major golf tournament 6 letters USOPEN
Adds to the family 6 letters ADOPTS
Cellos’ neighbors 6 letters VIOLAS
In the know 5 letters AWARE
Captain America: ___ War 5 letters CIVIL
Like marijuana in some states 5 letters LEGAL
One may provide aerial footage 5 letters DRONE
It’s not your turn! 4 letters WAIT
Stick around 4 letters STAY
In this spot 4 letters HERE
Corvette color in a Prince song 3 letters RED
Droop 3 letters SAG

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