Universal Crossword September 15 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword September 15 2021 Answers:

Join together 6 letters SPLICE
War and Peace for one 4 letters SAGA
Not well-lit 3 letters DIM
One giving a speech 6 letters ORATOR
___ or false 4 letters TRUE
Music genre associated with black eyeliner 3 letters EMO
*Completely immoral supervisor? 11 letters BASEMANAGER
Financing letters 3 letters APR
Metallic fabric 4 letters LAME
Burden 4 letters ONUS
Bad throw at a casino 4 letters CRAP
Like the wolf in a fairy tale 3 letters BIG
*Weaving instructor? 11 letters BASKETCOACH
Irritates 6 letters ANNOYS
Points of view 6 letters SLANTS
Like some people who read closed captions 4 letters DEAF
Tightly stretched 4 letters TAUT
Vessels with spigots 4 letters URNS
*Some under-the-table flirting? 9 letters FOOTGAMES
(OMG!) 4 letters GASP
Maker of Thick & Fluffy waffles 4 letters EGGO
Wyatt of the Wild West 4 letters EARP
Actress Sorkin 6 letters ARLEEN
Closer in a guessing game 6 letters WARMER
*Evidently fake jewel? 11 letters SOFTDIAMOND
Slippery as a street 3 letters ICY
Pixar movie with talking vehicles 4 letters CARS
Sporty auto roof 4 letters TTOP
Angel costume headwear 4 letters HALO
___-man band 3 letters ONE
Mess up … and a hint to 11 letters DROPTHEBALL
Lead role in How I Met Your Mother 3 letters TED
Last number in many prices 4 letters NINE
Am not! response 6 letters ARETOO
Popular show letters 3 letters SRO
High cards in royal flushes 4 letters ACES
Yards’ relatives 6 letters METERS
___ story (sad-sounding tale) 3 letters SOB
Nutty confection 7 letters PRALINE
Layered pasta dish 7 letters LASAGNA
Something in your cart 4 letters ITEM
Make a visit 6 letters COMEBY
Notable span 3 letters ERA
Was surrounded by wavy lines in a comic 5 letters STANK
Quarrel 5 letters ARGUE
Party attendees 6 letters GUESTS
___ Lingus 3 letters AER
Start of a letter to a longtime advice columnist 7 letters DEARANN
Influences 7 letters IMPACTS
Shape-shifts 6 letters MORPHS
Thumbs-down votes 3 letters NOS
More like sea salt than iodized salt 7 letters COARSER
Like the wolf in a fairy tale 3 letters BAD
Regarding in a memo 4 letters ASTO
Regarding in a memo or Counterbalances 4 letters CLUE
Counterbalances 7 letters OFFSETS
Enjoyed a buffet 3 letters ATE
Big name in boots 3 letters UGG
You’re it! 3 letters TAG
Certain column in the paper 4 letters OPED
Like freshly cut grass 4 letters MOWN
Dad joke e.g. 7 letters GROANER
Sauce for fettucine 7 letters ALFREDO
Has the meeting started? 7 letters AMILATE
Change the hue of 7 letters RECOLOR
Inquire nosily 3 letters PRY
Broad neckties 6 letters ASCOTS
Kind of acid in fertilizers 6 letters NITRIC
Stick (to) 6 letters ADHERE
Make amends 5 letters ATONE
Shuffles around aimlessly say 5 letters MOPES
Decide 3 letters OPT
Words before and after is 4 letters ABET
Ancestry.com test subject 3 letters DNA
Spiral-cut meat 3 letters HAM
___ Altos California 3 letters LOS

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