Universal Crossword September 14 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword September 14 2021 Answers:

Warm up on a treadmill 3 letters JOG
Most common volcanic rock 6 letters BASALT
Obscene writing 4 letters SMUT
Gibbon for one 3 letters APE
Is compatible (with) 6 letters FITSIN
Please please please? 4 letters CANI
Halloween critter 3 letters BAT
Result of an oil shortage at KFC? 11 letters FRYINGPANIC
What may give a burger crunch 4 letters SLAW
Toucan’s pride 4 letters BEAK
Sends forth 5 letters EMITS
Buddhist spiritual leader 4 letters LAMA
Certain medical fee 5 letters COPAY
Fast-food outlet with excessive expenses? 13 letters PRODIGALSONIC
Add on 5 letters ANNEX
Suburban street sights 5 letters LAWNS
Shakes like a tail 4 letters WAGS
Jurassic Park creations informally 5 letters DINOS
The ___ of the earth 4 letters SALT
Funny Viking 5 letters HAGAR
Drive to action 5 letters IMPEL
Something discussed during an indoor cycling course? 13 letters SPINNINGTOPIC
Overcharge 5 letters GOUGE
Seeks information 4 letters ASKS
Word before coffee or stew 5 letters IRISH
Westernmost U.S. territory 4 letters GUAM
Dig into? 4 letters ETCH
Euclid’s Elements for example? 11 letters MATHCLASSIC
Grand ___ Opry 3 letters OLE
Dog in Garfield 4 letters ODIE
Like Switzerland topographically 6 letters ALPINE
Kick oneself for 3 letters RUE
Legendary loch 4 letters NESS
Turn a corner in Monopoly 6 letters PASSGO
Endangered fish 3 letters EEL
Vaccinations informally 4 letters JABS
Multicolored gemstone 4 letters OPAL
Be compatible (with) 8 letters GETALONG
Good buddy for short 3 letters BFF
Device that a crash test tests 6 letters AIRBAG
Eyelid affliction 4 letters STYE
Where the Mekong flows 4 letters ASIA
Join together 4 letters LINK
1987-94 Star Trek series briefly 3 letters TNG
Buttery shrimp dish 6 letters SCAMPI
Song featured in Flashdance 6 letters MANIAC
Cohesiveness 5 letters UNITY
Repetitive motions 4 letters TICS
Low-level workers 5 letters PEONS
Uses the kiddie pool 5 letters WADES
Cake recipe instruction 3 letters MIX
Pros and ___ 4 letters CONS
Hound’s hand 3 letters PAW
Genetic messenger 3 letters RNA
Set straight 5 letters ALIGN
Hawaiian island near Maui 5 letters LANAI
Bound by oath 5 letters SWORN
Hamlet nationality-wise 4 letters DANE
Prepare as Nova lox 5 letters SMOKE
Marketplace with many free offerings 8 letters APPSTORE
Necklace on 30-Down 3 letters LEI
Doting attention briefly 3 letters TLC
Impressive note for a soprano to hit 5 letters HIGHC
___ not fair! 3 letters ITS
Looks like you’re right 6 letters SOITIS
Hypes as a product 6 letters PUSHES
Playing Madden NFL perhaps 6 letters GAMING
Letter from a teacher? 5 letters GRADE
There’s my cue! 4 letters IMON
Big bash 4 letters GALA
Org. challenged by email 4 letters USPS
Warts and all 4 letters ASIS
Hint for Holmes 4 letters CLUE
Dog walker’s command 4 letters HEEL
Track circuit 3 letters LAP
Corp. leader 3 letters CEO

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