Universal Crossword October 23 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword October 23 2021 Answers:

Stumbles 5 letters TRIPS
Apple desktop 4 letters IMAC
Not evil 4 letters GOOD
Finalize 5 letters SEWUP
Infamous Roman emperor 4 letters NERO
Slight advantage 4 letters EDGE
Not in the dark 5 letters AWARE
Beach bucket 4 letters PAIL
One ___ song! (Encore!) 4 letters MORE
Sender of an anonymous valentine 13 letters SECRETADMIRER
Bowler’s target 3 letters PIN
007 creator Fleming 3 letters IAN
Food drive item 3 letters CAN
Grp. concerned with viruses 6 letters ITTEAM
Sightseers often 8 letters TOURISTS
New York Harbor attraction 11 letters LADYLIBERTY
Chart out 3 letters MAP
Plant with soothing gel 4 letters ALOE
WaterSense org. 3 letters EPA
Guitarist’s chance to shred 4 letters SOLO
Ominous sight for a swimmer 3 letters FIN
Person who welds 11 letters STEELWORKER
Act opener 8 letters SCENEONE
Playing hooky say 6 letters ABSENT
Quantity: Abbr. 3 letters AMT
Big diamond? 3 letters ACE
Home where slop is served 3 letters STY
What 20- 34- and 41-Across each does in a different way 13 letters CARRIESATORCH
It’s usually a bad sign 4 letters OMEN
Big event for Cinderella 4 letters BALL
Hovers (over) 5 letters LOOMS
Where to find heros among men? 4 letters DELI
Water in Spanish 4 letters AGUA
Louvre Pyramid architect 5 letters IMPEI
Only Time singer 4 letters ENYA
Precious stones 4 letters GEMS
Residences on Wingspan cards 5 letters NESTS
Org. responsible for travelers’ checks? 3 letters TSA
Opposite of FF 3 letters REW
Would you let me finish?! 10 letters IWASNTDONE
Unadulterated 4 letters PURE
Well isn’t that ___? 7 letters SPECIAL
How some solve crosswords 5 letters INPEN
Tofu might replace it 4 letters MEAT
Song that may end on a high note 4 letters ARIA
Slice of roast beef e.g. 7 letters COLDCUT
The twins astrologically 6 letters GEMINI
Stench 4 letters ODOR
Baddie in a D&D campaign 4 letters OGRE
Do-Re-Mi animal 4 letters DEER
Actor Malek 4 letters RAMI
Jesus Christ Superstar role 4 letters MARY
Spiced rice dishes 6 letters PILAFS
Like slanted type 6 letters ITALIC
Center of a hurricane 3 letters EYE
Conical home 5 letters TEPEE
Mouth-related 4 letters ORAL
Stores for cigar aficionados 10 letters SMOKESHOPS
Juggling or dancing e.g. 6 letters TALENT
Like Mustangs and Miatas 6 letters SPORTY
___ there done that! 4 letters BEEN
Ditch Day participants: Abbr. 3 letters SRS
Hauler 4 letters SEMI
Reusable grocery carrier 7 letters TOTEBAG
Texas city hidden in draw a conclusion 4 letters WACO
Liberal arts college in Ohio 7 letters OBERLIN
Fantasy world accessed through a wardrobe 6 letters NARNIA
Titan holding up the sky 5 letters ATLAS
Write in Python say 4 letters CODE
You got that right! 4 letters AMEN
Depend (on) 4 letters RELY
Herb in stuffing 4 letters SAGE
Reunion attendee briefly 4 letters ALUM
On the ___ Up (Angie Thomas novel) 4 letters COME
Encountered 3 letters MET
Solange to Beyonce for short 3 letters SIS

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