Universal Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

Numbered composition 4 letters OPUS
Auto pioneer whose name precedes mobile 4 letters OLDS
Parts of pressure gauges 5 letters DIALS
___ in the shuffle 4 letters LOST
Something really funny 4 letters HOOT
Turn out to be 5 letters ENDUP
On top of that 4 letters ALSO
Popular float base 4 letters COLA
Red Sox Hall of Famer Martinez 5 letters PEDRO
Retired actor? 15 letters FORMERPERFORMER
Positive aspect 4 letters PLUS
Declare to be true 6 letters ATTEST
Laid eyes on 6 letters BEHELD
Animals sacred to Hindus 4 letters COWS
Zinc or nitrous follower 5 letters OXIDE
Chicken curry go-with 4 letters NAAN
Tea made with cardamom 4 letters CHAI
Many chicks and calves? 15 letters SPRINGOFFSPRING
Filmmaking brother Joel or Ethan 4 letters COEN
Feels remorse for 4 letters RUES
___ it! (Get moving!) 5 letters HOPTO
Sardine holders 4 letters TINS
Doogie played by Neil Patrick Harris 6 letters HOWSER
Shortened facial hair? 6 letters STACHE
Scores and scores 4 letters TONS
Kindhearted mixologist? 15 letters TENDERBARTENDER
Irate 5 letters ANGRY
Letters meaning Immediately! 4 letters ASAP
Icicle formation site 4 letters EAVE
Hide the gray perhaps 5 letters COLOR
Celeb’s ride 4 letters LIMO
Help for a short climb 4 letters STEP
Krispy ___ 5 letters KREME
Oklahoma-to-Arkansas direction 4 letters EAST
Sunbathes 4 letters TANS
Minnesota’s St. ___ College 4 letters OLAF
Type of pony or shirt 4 letters POLO
Moscow’s country once: Abbr. 4 letters USSR
Entered loudly 9 letters STOMPEDIN
Aw fudge! 6 letters OHCRUD
Repeats like an animated GIF 5 letters LOOPS
Fruit cup brand 4 letters DOLE
Walk of Fame symbol 4 letters STAR
Storehouses 6 letters DEPOTS
Nonreactive 5 letters INERT
Social media request 5 letters ADDME
Bait and tackle shop array 5 letters LURES
Cricket or curling 5 letters SPORT
Queen Bees actress Burstyn 5 letters ELLEN
Many are spotted in forests 5 letters FAWNS
Pear suitable for baking 4 letters BOSC
Trade event 4 letters EXPO
New employee 4 letters HIRE
Places to order lattes 5 letters CAFES
Uncouth ones 4 letters OAFS
Either word in the clue Sentence component 4 letters NOUN
Lookout perch on a ship 9 letters CROWSNEST
Joints in a Shakira title 4 letters HIPS
Poker pot contribution 4 letters ANTE
Composer Stravinsky 4 letters IGOR
Pam of Bless This Mess 5 letters GRIER
It can ring or ding 5 letters PHONE
___ all the same 6 letters THEYRE
Chinese dish cooked in simmering broth 6 letters HOTPOT
Pile of firewood 5 letters STACK
Good guy’s voice in opera often 5 letters TENOR
One may be acute 5 letters ANGLE
Floppy disk replacement 5 letters CDROM
Cable cars 5 letters TRAMS
Bundle of alfalfa 4 letters BALE
___ Minor (Ankara’s region) 4 letters ASIA
Digital mining material 4 letters DATA
Smooth and flat 4 letters EVEN
Sales folks for short 4 letters REPS

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