Universal Crossword October 17 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword October 17 2021 Answers:

Record book? 3 letters LOG
Fictional French elephant 5 letters BABAR
Health org. based in Atlanta 3 letters CDC
Over again 4 letters ANEW
X Games jump 5 letters OLLIE
Agitate 4 letters ROIL
*Filmmaker’s organization tool 10 letters STORYBOARD
Mystical radiance 4 letters AURA
Hawkins for whom a dance was named 5 letters SADIE
Nickname that omits dore 4 letters THEO
Fifty Shades of ___ 4 letters GREY
For all to see 6 letters OPENLY
Sound of contempt 5 letters SNORT
Secluded valleys 5 letters GLENS
Shakes skillfully? 6 letters ELUDES
Tightest pals briefly 4 letters BFFS
Stolen stuff 4 letters LOOT
Gem with bands 5 letters AGATE
The Voice coach Grande informally 3 letters ARI
*Frasier or Fuller House 7 letters SPINOFF
Whole lot 3 letters TON
Peanut butter cup surname 5 letters REESE
Capital of Latvia 4 letters RIGA
Road turn 4 letters BEND
Vendor 6 letters SELLER
Seabees’ optimistic motto 5 letters CANDO
Fooled 5 letters DUPED
Lady of Spain 6 letters SENORA
Cowardly Lion portrayer Bert 4 letters LAHR
Distinct times 4 letters ERAS
Red Delicious parts that aren’t delicious 5 letters CORES
Rush job acronym 4 letters ASAP
Like a doubleheader … or each starred clue’s answer based on what can precede both its parts? 10 letters BACKTOBACK
Religious offenses 4 letters SINS
Possessed 5 letters OWNED
Central Plains native 4 letters OTOE
Possessed 3 letters HAD
Divers may hold them 5 letters KNEES
Put the kibosh on 3 letters END
Roundup rope 5 letters LASSO
Ready for pouring 5 letters ONTAP
Rock that’s often cut in half 5 letters GEODE
Short even hairdo 3 letters BOB
Zillions 4 letters ALOT
Uninteresting 4 letters BLAH
Buenos ___ 5 letters AIRES
Not in its original form 6 letters REDONE
*When a trial occurs 9 letters COURTDATE
Grave as circumstances 4 letters DIRE
Pot ingredient? 4 letters CLAY
Squeezes dry 6 letters WRINGS
Homemade floor covering 6 letters RAGRUG
Whoop 4 letters YELL
Restaurant review app 4 letters YELP
Frozen snowman 4 letters OLAF
Nightmare Alley genre 4 letters NOIR
Like a loud boom 5 letters SONIC
English school since 1440 4 letters ETON
Transmit 4 letters SEND
Chewy breakfast choices 4 letters BARS
Unleash 4 letters FREE
*Farm laborer 9 letters FIELDHAND
Frat party attire 4 letters TOGA
Ooze 4 letters SEEP
They clap and cheer 4 letters FANS
Drinks noisily 6 letters SLURPS
Notably altruistic ape 6 letters BONOBO
Nike rival 6 letters REEBOK
Art ___ (Chrysler Building’s style) 4 letters DECO
Like butter at times 5 letters DRAWN
Speak grandly 5 letters ORATE
Info-gathering mission 5 letters RECON
Invited 5 letters ASKED
Lid attachment? 4 letters LASH
Continent with many steppes 4 letters ASIA
It often clears up with age 4 letters ACNE
___-Ball (arcade game) 4 letters SKEE
NFL game highlights 3 letters TDS

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