Universal Crossword October 14 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword October 14 2021 Answers:

*Goalpost connector 5 letters CROSS
*House feature with a sink 3 letters WET
*Prying tool 4 letters CROW
Prepare to hit as in paintball 5 letters AIMAT
Part of a trolley track 4 letters RAIL
___ Strauss 4 letters LEVI
A deleted one may still be viewable 5 letters SCENE
Name hidden in air marshal 4 letters IRMA
Middle Eastern gulf 4 letters ADEN
Longs 7 letters HANKERS
Neglected property perhaps 7 letters EYESORE
Unintentionally reveals 8 letters LETSSLIP
Billions channel briefly 3 letters SHO
Fifth Greek letter 7 letters EPSILON
Jazz genre 3 letters BOP
Stones in some hardscapes 6 letters PAVERS
___ Jones 3 letters DOW
Island near Java 4 letters BALI
Second or sixth president 5 letters ADAMS
Stroke gently 3 letters PET
Comic actress Sykes 5 letters WANDA
Boston NBA player informally 4 letters CELT
Uber alternative 3 letters CAB
Oppressively heavy 6 letters LEADEN
Snaky curve 3 letters ESS
Accumulated charges 7 letters RANATAB
All seats are full letters 3 letters SRO
Support structurally 8 letters BUTTRESS
Spots with many parking spots 7 letters GARAGES
The scarlet letter and others 7 letters STIGMAS
Metal sources 4 letters ORES
Iron oxide 4 letters RUST
Jeweled headwear 5 letters TIARA
Dryer detritus 4 letters LINT
Stallion’s father 4 letters SIRE
Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy 5 letters ELLEN
*Chewy fruity snack 4 letters DATE
*Neckwear accessory 3 letters TIE
*Ranch location? 5 letters SALAD
*Place where drinks aren’t free 4 letters CASH
Costa ___ 4 letters RICA
Warning sign 4 letters OMEN
Went to the bottom 4 letters SANK
Team at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field 8 letters STEELERS
Analogues to ankles 6 letters WRISTS
It has a natural canal 3 letters EAR
Appointment book division 8 letters TIMESLOT
Handbag fastener 5 letters CLASP
Improve the look of presumably 4 letters REDO
More than 4 letters OVER
*One is stocked with bottles 4 letters WINE
Hide oneself 6 letters LAYLOW
Workout units 4 letters REPS
Ich bin ___ Berliner 3 letters EIN
Article accompaniment and a hint to each starred answer’s location and missing word 7 letters SIDEBAR
*Long key 5 letters SPACE
King of the underworld 5 letters HADES
Zeros’ shapes 5 letters OVALS
The Byrds and The Monkees 5 letters BANDS
Like Biden vis-a-vis Harris 5 letters OLDER
*Where to enjoy grand entertainment? 5 letters PIANO
Mouth-to-mouth pro 3 letters EMT
Cry from a lamb 3 letters BAA
Business attire 8 letters PANTSUIT
They can be bookmarked 8 letters WEBSITES
Serves the party 6 letters CATERS
Endure 4 letters LAST
What you may find under a sofa 3 letters RUG
Student taking an exam 6 letters TESTEE
Moisten during roasting 5 letters BASTE
*Valuable ingot 4 letters GOLD
Diva’s performance 4 letters ARIA
Lease 4 letters RENT
Colorado tributary 4 letters GILA
Where to see a map of stores 4 letters MALL
Neighborhood 4 letters AREA
*Shallow water hazard 4 letters SAND
___ Lanka 3 letters SRI

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