Universal Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

Wander 4 letters ROAM
(Hey you) 4 letters PSST
Second attempt 4 letters REDO
Belly button’s region 5 letters TORSO
Something to flutter informally 4 letters LASH
Apple tablet 4 letters IPAD
Short words? 5 letters VOCAB
True geeky self 9 letters INNERNERD
Constellation component 4 letters STAR
Wine choice 3 letters RED
Monopoly pieces 6 letters TOKENS
Person who has an app 4 letters USER
Narrowest of margins to win by 4 letters HAIR
Wellness center 9 letters HEALTHSPA
Velcro alternative 5 letters LACES
Gene variant 6 letters ALLELE
Wrath 3 letters IRE
Pack (down) 4 letters TAMP
Egyptian boy king 3 letters TUT
Word before all or hours 5 letters AFTER
Pro hoops league 3 letters NBA
Biblical paradise 4 letters EDEN
Tic-___-toe 3 letters TAC
Book lover 6 letters READER
Televised again 5 letters RERAN
Gamer’s leg up 9 letters CHEATCODE
Drubbing 4 letters ROUT
Median e.g. briefly 4 letters STAT
Houston MLB team 6 letters ASTROS
Home of NOLA and KCMO 3 letters USA
Protected 4 letters SAFE
Awesome to the Ninja Turtles 9 letters COWABUNGA
Like a peon’s position 5 letters LOWLY
Select All’s menu 4 letters EDIT
Depend 4 letters RELY
Blender setting 5 letters PUREE
Rational 4 letters SANE
Settles IOUs 4 letters PAYS
River to the underworld 4 letters STYX
Cheer (for) 4 letters ROOT
Killer whale 4 letters ORCA
Habitually 7 letters ASARULE
Unruly crowd 3 letters MOB
Electrician’s gripping tool 6 letters PLIERS
Hourglass filler 4 letters SAND
Figure with the format 3 letters SSN
Greek letter that symbolizes an angle 5 letters THETA
Ice hockey enthusiast 7 letters RINKRAT
Heaviest Olympic sword 4 letters EPEE
Rats! 4 letters DARN
Strangely they can be even 4 letters ODDS
Hotel room fixtures 3 letters TVS
Muddy up 4 letters ROIL
Prepare as leftovers 6 letters REHEAT
Mo. city near Ill. 3 letters STL
Fabled race loser 4 letters HARE
One has nothing nice to say 5 letters HATER
Manage to avoid 5 letters ELUDE
Take in or let out 5 letters ALTER
Inning’s beginning 5 letters PITCH
Like a positive attitude 5 letters CANDO
Plant firmly 5 letters EMBED
Word before tire or change 5 letters SPARE
List of mistakes 6 letters ERRATA
Fiction’s opposite 4 letters FACT
Tell as a story 7 letters NARRATE
Letter before 3 letters ETA
Behaves badly 7 letters ACTSOUT
Beginner in gamer lingo 4 letters NOOB
College application components 6 letters ESSAYS
Seize illegally 5 letters USURP
Unreturnable serves 4 letters ACES
Scotch and ___ 4 letters SODA
Doppelganger seemingly 4 letters TWIN
Like a terrible mood 4 letters UGLY
Off-kilter 4 letters AWRY
Show off at the gym 4 letters FLEX
What a peacock’s tail spot resembles 3 letters EYE
Teacher’s org. 3 letters NEA
Some records for short 3 letters LPS

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