Universal Crossword November 28 2022 Answers

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Universal Crossword November 28 2022 Answers:

Handed out as cards 5 letters DEALT
Easy now! 4 letters WHOA
Dear ___ (advice column) 4 letters ABBY
Permanent au revoir 5 letters ADIEU
Belonging to us 4 letters OURS
___ gin fizz 4 letters SLOE
Parts for character actors often 10 letters MINORROLES
Exchange for cash and a ticket 4 letters PAWN
Family dog e.g. 3 letters PET
Carpenter’s fastener 4 letters NAIL
Legal 5 letters LICIT
C ___ Charlie 4 letters ASIN
Explore coral reefs perhaps 7 letters SNORKEL
Game pieces depicting dragons and bamboo 13 letters MAHJONGGTILES
That is to say … 5 letters IMEAN
Merest amount 4 letters IOTA
None too pleased 3 letters MAD
Approach 4 letters NEAR
Kids’ request for permission 5 letters CANWE
Liver secretion 4 letters BILE
Come to a conclusion 3 letters END
Chums 4 letters PALS
Stage like a show 5 letters PUTON
White upper lips 13 letters MILKMUSTACHES
Items on monuments’ walls 7 letters PLAQUES
Garden hose problem 4 letters KINK
Dean’s compilations 5 letters LISTS
___ colada 4 letters PINA
Winter malady 3 letters FLU
Add to the poker pot 4 letters ANTE
Wrecking Ball singer 10 letters MILEYCYRUS
March 15 notably 4 letters IDES
Head-heels connection 4 letters OVER
Catches wind (of) 5 letters HEARS
Flitter 4 letters DART
Some have rows of roses 4 letters BEDS
New paragraph key 5 letters ENTER
Clammy 4 letters DAMP
Actress Falco 4 letters EDIE
If it ___ broke don’t fix it 4 letters AINT
Sign before Virgo 3 letters LEO
Boots up 7 letters TURNSON
Courting 6 letters WOOING
Shipwreck remnant 4 letters HULL
Smelting furnace input 3 letters ORE
Complete jerk 3 letters ASS
Strive 6 letters ASPIRE
Metalworker with an anvil 10 letters BLACKSMITH
Knife variety named for an Alamo defender 5 letters BOWIE
1983 Barbra Streisand film 5 letters YENTL
Umbrella weather 4 letters RAIN
Whatever ___ Wants (Damn Yankees song) 4 letters LOLA
Slightly open 4 letters AJAR
Stash in the overhead bin 4 letters STOW
Evening informally 4 letters NITE
Not yours 4 letters MINE
I’m with you sister! 4 letters AMEN
Private school authority 10 letters HEADMASTER
Knife brand originally called Quikut 5 letters GINSU
Soothing shaving cream ingredient 4 letters ALOE
Lairs 4 letters DENS
Frosted dessert 4 letters CAKE
Charitable gifts 4 letters ALMS
Doe’s beau 4 letters BUCK
Also 4 letters PLUS
Flamboyant style 7 letters PANACHE
Exam for a Mensa hopeful 6 letters IQTEST
Many Vail visitors 6 letters SKIERS
Itsy-bitsy 4 letters TINY
Lumberjack jacket pattern 5 letters PLAID
Hamilton of The Terminator 5 letters LINDA
Implored 4 letters PLED
Word before house or boy 4 letters FRAT
Entice 4 letters LURE
Sputnik launcher: Abbr. 4 letters USSR
Unruly crowd 3 letters MOB
___ been thinking … 3 letters IVE
Kyoto cash 3 letters YEN

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