Universal Crossword November 27 2021 Answers

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Universal Crossword November 27 2021 Answers:

Loyal pet 3 letters DOG
Blue-ribbon position 5 letters FIRST
Brought up as a child 6 letters REARED
Fuel treatment brand 3 letters STP
Principal for a school 4 letters HEAD
Bryce Canyon’s state 4 letters UTAH
Boxing prize 4 letters BELT
Cool! 4 letters NEAT
Country largely surrounded by Malaysia 6 letters BRUNEI
Earn the blue ribbon 3 letters WIN
Factual 4 letters TRUE
Place for an AirPod 3 letters EAR
Australian precious stone 4 letters OPAL
Basketball Hall-of-Famer Archibald 4 letters NATE
Commerce imbalance 8 letters TRADEGAP
What can cool into basalt 4 letters LAVA
Start of many rappers’ names 3 letters LIL
Athletic shoe brand 6 letters LAGEAR
Chills (out) 6 letters VEGGES
Most frigid 6 letters ICIEST
Gives for a while 5 letters LENDS
South ___ (Seoul’s country) 5 letters KOREA
Comic Cheri 5 letters OTERI
Harbor cities 5 letters PORTS
Diamonds and others 4 letters GEMS
Way back when 4 letters ONCE
Word after fine or folk 3 letters ART
The Matrix hero 3 letters NEO
Fiber internet alternative briefly 3 letters DSL
Mario’s middle name? 3 letters ARI

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